Cell Biology ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION-IAS,IFoS Examination downloaded version


Cell Biology ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION-IAS IFoS Examination these notes are very beneficial and good for CSE & IFS exam any query call 7678651778


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Cell Biology ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION-IAS IFoS Examination syllabus topics are given below…

1. Cell Biology:

  • Techniques of Cell Biology.
  • Prokaryotic and
  • Eukaryotic cells -structural and
  • Ultrastructural details.
  • Structure and function of extracellular matrix or ECM (cell wall) and membranes-cell adhesion,
  • Membrane transport and vesicular transport
  • Structure and function of cell organelles (chloroplasts, mitochondria, ER, ribosomes, endosomes, lysosomes peroxisomes, hydrogenosome).
  • Nucleus,
  • nucleolus,
  • nuclear pore
  • Complex.
  • Chromatin and
  • Nucleosome.
  • Cell signalling and cell receptors.
  • Signal transduction (G-1 proteins, etc.).
  • Mitosis and meisdosis;
  • molecular basis of cell cycle.
  • Numerical and structural variations in chromosomes and their significance.
  • Study of polytene,
  • Bampbrush and B-chromosomes structure,
  • Behavior and significance.

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