Best Geography Optional Notes for UPSC

Geography is a comprehensive subject that has massive topics and syllabus. It has huge series of topics ranging from human geography to physical geography. Students aiming for the UPSC CSE exam choose Geography optional for UPSC mains. Reading geography will quench your curiosity for knowing the globe around it and the complicated matters that influence it. So Geography Optional notes for UPSC will help you ace in Mains exam.

You are at the right forum for all aspirants chasing the all-inclusive study material for UPSC geography. Our Geography UPSC notes give the applicants accurate knowledge so they can do better in the exam. The notes for Geography optional describe entire crucial geography topics, particularly customized for the IAS exam.

All UPSC geography optional notes have detailed facts and descriptions so that candidates can memorize the theories simply and boost their knowledge. The geography optional course facilitates aspirants in grasping and practising the subject efficiently for the UPSC mains exam.

Geography Optional Notes for UPSC: Exam Pattern for UPSC

UPSC is the governing entity in India to conduct the civil services exam. It is a vastly reputable and competitive exam in India. Moreover, when selecting an optional subject for the UPSC mains exam, geography has become the common preference for many candidates. The Geography Optional for UPSC pattern is here; let us understand these points:-

  • The UPSC exam has 3 phases: Preliminary exam, Mains exam and Personal Interview.
  • The preliminary exam contains the optional subject that contributes 500 marks from the total marks of 2000 marks.
  • The main exam contains two papers for the optional subject, and both contain 250 marks each. It means that the total score for the Mains exam optional subject is 500.
  • The interview phase contains 275 marks, so overall; there are 775 marks for the optional subject.

Paper- I Principles of Geography 

  • Geomorphology
  • Climatology
  • Oceanography
  • Biogeography
  • Environmental Geography
  • Perspectives in Human Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Population and Settlement Geography
  • Regional Planning
  • Models, Theories & Laws in Human Geograph

Paper- II Geography of India 

  • Physical Setting
  • Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Transport, Communication & Trade
  • Cultural Setting
  • Settlements
  • Regional Development & Planning
  • Political Aspects
  • Contemporary Issues

Importance of Geography Optional Notes for UPSC

The advantage of Best Geography optional notes is that they make your subject understanding pretty simple. You can have vast data to understand. However, it is hard to maintain every detail, particularly when you choose self-study. So, well-structured notes can give you precise material with no confusion. The speciality of concise and effective UPSC geography optional notes summarizes the topic and splits it in an organized way. These notes will focus on significant references, incidents, points, diagraphs and graphics so you can memorize them easily.

Effective, tried, tested and customized Geography UPSC notes facilitate students to store data and facts efficiently. When you consolidate details factually and briefly, you can recall what you have read several months later. Moreover, written notes are always easy to learn so that you can evaluate information. You can utilize the notes as a source to verify the authenticity of a specific notion on the geography topics.

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Alok Ranjan geography  hindi medium class notes. Alok ranjan is one of the top teacher for geography optional. his teaching style is very famous . language being used is very simple and can be written in the examination.


Author :- Alok ranjan

Publisher :- Handwritten

Language :- Hindi 

Number of Pages :- 350

Type of  E-Book  :- photocopy , handwritten

Exam :- IAS , UPSC , Civil Services


ALS Agriculture Geography Notes For UPSC Civil Services Examination


ALS agriculture Geography discuses the value of geography topic . Describe this notes are present all current topic .  Nature and  scope of the discipline , relation with Allie discipline like history , economy , Approach to study of polities .


Author :- ALS

Publisher :- Alternative Learning Systems

Language :- English

Year :- 2022

Number of Pages :- 180

Type of  E-Book  :- Printed

Exam :- UPSC , Clerk, Civil Services