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Are you chasing for inclusive study material on Anthropology for UPSC Optional? Come here to our website for Anthropology UPSC notes for your exam preparation. The anthropology subject describes every significant topic and idea that facilitate student to get success in the mains exam. If you are unsure about selecting an optional subject for the UPSC exam, undoubtedly, anthropology is a widely favoured subject among others. Anthropology focuses on the concept of human cultures and society. Anthropology is a thought-provoking subject for hopeful IAS aspirants.

Our UPSC Anthropology optional notes help candidates to grasp the syllabus and curriculum for proactive exam preparation. We must know the significant elements of the Anthropology optional exam format: –

UPSC Anthropology Optional Notes: An Overview

The definition of Best anthropology notes for UPSC is those notes which get recognition from the majority of subject matter experts and teachers. These Anthropology optional notes for UPSC are extremely vital for scholars who have chosen this subject as an optional for the UPSC mains exam. Candidates with science and engineering qualifications mostly pick anthropology. The topic of the Anthropologies corresponds with general studies tests in both preliminary and main exams. Students should not miss or skip these Anthropology notes because it will help in scoring high marks on the exam.

These notes are prepared with the help of trusted UPSC study material, teacher’s guidance, previous years’ question papers and many more. You can easily receive your mentor’s proven tips, important questions and UPSC Anthropology optional notes to make it best for your UPSC mains exam.

Anthropology Optional Notes – UPSC Optional Paper 1 Syllabus

The finest Anthropology optional notes for UPSC optional paper 1 in the mains exam will concede every topic as per the latest syllabus. UPSC Anthropology Optional has two papers, and both have 250 marks each. Topics of Paper 1 are:

  • Anthropology – Meaning
  • Relationship with other disciplines.
  • Branches of Anthropology
  • Human Evolution
  • Primates
  • Phylogenetic status, hominids, Neanderthal man, Homo sapiens etc.
  • Biological basis of life – cell, DNA, Mutation
  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Society, Marriage, Family, Kinship
  • Political Organization and Social Control
  • Culture, language and communication
  • Religion
  • Culture
  • Demographic theories
  • Epidemiological Anthropology
  • Race, racism
  • Human growth and development, fertility
  • Human Genetics
  • Anthropological theories
  • Economic organization
  • Research methods
  • Applications of Anthropology

Anthropology Optional Notes – UPSC Optional Paper 2 Syllabus

You can also find the best Anthropology notes for IAS optional paper 2, where you have to read the topics which are mentioned in the below lines:-

  • Evolution of Indian Culture and Civilization
  • Demographic Outline of India
  • Traditional Indian social system, caste, etc.
  • Tribal
  • Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, and Other Backward Classes
  • Indian Village, Language and religious subgroups, socio-cultural transformation in Indian society
  • Emergence and growth of anthropology in India

Reading these notes and applying the learning with practice will give an extra advantage among other students. Our Anthropology optional notes for the IAS exam have profound learning and the concept of Anthropology, and it will make your optional subject choice more interesting and result oriented.

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ANTHROPOLOGY-Printed Notes-By SOSIN MAM. Sosin Mam is currently working as a Teacher of Anthropology in Vision IAS and has already given many top rankers in Civil Services Examination


Braintree Anthropology Handwritten Notes by G.S KARTHIC


Braintree anthropology by g.s Karthic covers a total of 3 booklets. It covers the entire syllabus of the Anthropology optional subject, relevant to the UPSC Mains Exam. The booklet is in PDF form and the total number of pages are 884. The booklet covers Meaning, Scope & development of anthropology, Nature of culture and society, Political, organization, and social control and Phylogenetic Status, Characteristics, and Distribution of human fossil ancestors, etc. For any query call us on 7678651778.


Braintree Anthropology Notes BY G.S KARTHIC


Braintree Anthropology BY G.S KARTHIC covers a total of 3 booklets.This notes covers some major topics Meaning, Scope & development of anthropology, Nature of culture and society ,Political, organization and social control and Phylogenetic Status, Characteristics, and Distribution of human fossil ancestors , etc.

Publisher:- BRAINTREE
Language:- English
Year:- 2022
Pages :- 884
Type of Book:- E-Book
Exam:- UPSC , IAS exam


Plutus IAS Anthropology Optional Test Series By Dr. Huma Hassan


Plutus IAS is a Coaching institute that provides training and guidance to candidates preparing for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Services Examination (CSE) in India. The institute offers various programs and courses, including classroom sessions, online classes, study materials, and test series, to help candidates prepare for the UPSC CSE.