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This book will easily provide you with the precise and correct updated details about each IAS coaching centers with their important and major details for example:- About their session, their strategies, faculty with their educational background, study materials and fee range, which academy is better and why etc, you can access these details through this Best IAS coaching Center in Kolkata E-book. 


Best IAS coaching Center in Kolkata UPSC Exam:-

Best UPSC/IAS Coaching Report

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UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission which is India’s central agency and conducts various exams such as, CSE, IFS, NDA, CDS, SCRA etc. But this exam is basically famous or popularly known as IAS exam along with almost 24 services for example:- IFS, IPS, IRS, IRPS and so on. UPSC is one Of the most reputed and toughest exam to crack in India. In 2018 around 5 lacs aspirants took UPSC exam. According to the exclusive UPSC exam details, there are only 980 vacancies for UPSC Civil Services. It clearly shows that this the most competitive examination and only a few hard working candidates can get access in this sector and for this one require not only hard work but smart planning too. This exam conducts into three phases Preliminary, Mains and the last one is Interview/ personality test. “Best IAS coaching Center in Kolkata”

Data Collecting Methods:-

All the information is collected from the different and very popular sites, even the researchers first collect all the data from the online sources then they personally visit their centers and then talk to their students and collect the right and precise information from them, because everyone knows this, that students never lie about anything because if they are upset with the educational facilities they will tell those things clearly, and after having some chitchat session with the current students they jot down all the information in their DATA file, Analytical team just want to solve the maze of this UPSC coaching that’s why they work so hard so that no one feels stuck in any coaching center after going through the admission process. Digital Sources for collecting accurate details:-

1. Google

2. Just Dial

3. Sulekha

4. Quora(Excellent hub for the precise information)

5. Facebook and many other popular sites for this.

Popular Places for the IAS coaching centers In Kolkata:-

Kolkata is considered to be the hub of IAS coaching and have many IAS centers, with well-known places like:- Salt Lake which is very famous for the UPSC academy but are you sure only this place is perfect zone for the UPSC coaching because Jessore Road, Kolkata is also known for the many options for IAS centers and if you go to Amherst Street, Kolkata there are many excellent IAS  institutions, now the question strikes what should we choose or which one would be the great training arena for UPSC is the most important point at issue, That’s why here is the Best IAS coaching Center in Kolkata is made for your convenience.

In the below section you all can see the Top coaching Institutions for IAS exam in Kolkata, along with the accurate details including:-

  • Little description about the coaching
  • Fee pattern
  • Contact Details
  • Latest Batch
  • Other Branches in Delhi area
  • Timings of the session. Etc.

These are just the navigation pattern what actually students wants to know is mentioned below:- 

  1. A team of excellent educators,
  2. Are the mentors are experienced,
  3. Are they well skilled in their teaching process,
  4. The study materials are up to date,
  5. Are they keep their informative panel updated,
  6. The staff is the academy is supportive or not,
  7. Individual attention towards the weak students,
  8. Any doubt clearing session,
  9. About the track record,
  10. Result-oriented process,
  11. How is the Study atmosphere,
  12. success stories, and many other major details about any IAS coaching in Kolkata.

So the list is mentioned below, just have a look:-   

Rank 1. Aptiplus Academy

Rank 2. Edustar

Rank 3. Govex India

Rank 4. Aliento Academy

Rank 5. Frontline Institute

Rank 6. Brilliant Academy 

Rank 7. Phoenix Academy 

Rank 8. Bengali Coaching Center

Rank 9. Trademark IAS

Rank 10. Presidency College Coaching Center

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TOP IAS Coaching Of Kolkata

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So these are the names of those IAS coaching centers which are churned out after the excellent and tremendous research, and if you all want to know more even about the deep details about each academy Then don’t miss the chance just buy this book, before spending your lacs without any perfect plan.

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Best IAS coaching in Kolkata
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