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Ancient-India-History-CLASS-11-R.S. SHARMA-NCERT



Ancient India class notes by RS Sharma. This notes are printed . This notes quality excellent .Ancient India notes for class – 11. History forms  part of an undiversified curriculum  in general education for the first ten years of schooling .

Author :-ANCIENT

Publisher :- NCERT

Language :- English

Year :- 2022

Number of Pages :- 374

Type of  E-Book  :- Printed

Exam :- upsc , IAS , civil services




History Combo


History Combo is described history notes is included three type history, Which is included topic like us Ancient History, Modern History and World History, etc. This note is best for which student preparation of UPSC, IAS competitive exam.


History Notes For UPSC IAS Complete Notes Download Version


1. A Brief History of India
2. History of Modern India  Jagran Josh
4. India After Independence 1947-2000 Bipan Chandra
5. The Early history of India
6. India’s Struggle for Independence


S. Balyan History Class Notes for English Medium


S. Balyan History Class Notes for English Medium has included seven topics. This note is handwritten notes. This note describes all topic according to the syllabus of History by S.Balyan. History is included topic like us Ancient History, Art Culture, Medieval India, Modern History and Modern India, etc.

Author:- S. Balyan

Publisher:- S. Balyan

Language:- English

Number of Pages:- 2128

Type of Book:- E-Book

Exam:- UPSC


Vajiram & Ravi Modern History by Ojha sir downloaded version


Vajiram & Ravi Modern History by Ojha sir downloaded version are divide two part pre- Modern World and Modern World . The first section is Pre-modern World, It  is define topic like us Pre capitalist economy and Monarchy , old years, date , etc . The second topic is Modern World , It is define topic like us Capitalist Economy and Republic , old years, date , etc ,..

Author :- Ojha sir

Publisher :- Vajiram & Ravi

Language :- English

Year :- 2018

Number of Pages :- 156

Type of  Book  :- E-book

Exam :- IAS , UPSC