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BOTANY Notes-Brilliant Tutorials-UPSC IFS Examination.Brilliant Tutorials is one of the most trusted and famous institute in the field of Civil services examination and other professional courses.. For any query call us at 0120-4160241


BOTANY Notes-Brilliant Tutorials-UPSC IFS Examination. Brilliant Tutorials is one of the most trusted and famous institute in the field of Civil services examination and other professional courses.

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BOTANY Notes-Brilliant Tutorials-UPSC IFS Examination best topics are given below :

Paper – I

1. Microbiology and Plant Pathology 

  • Application of Microbiology in Agriculture
  • General Account of Infection
  • Mode of Infection and dissemination
  • Fungal and Nematodes
  • Molecular Basis and Infection Disease


  • Algea
  • Fungal
  • Bryophytes,
  • Reproduction and Evolutionary View Point


  • Gymnosperms
  • Classification and distribution of Gymnosperms
  • Concept of Progymonosperms
  • Salient features of Cycadales,


  • Embryology
  • Study of Angiospermic families
  • Anomalous secondary growth
  • Stomata and their types
  • Pollination
  • Polyembryony,
  • Applications of Palynology

Plant Utility and Exploitation

  • Plants as sources for food,
  • Origin of cultivated plants
  • Importance of Ethnobotany in Indian context
  • Botanical Gardens and Herbaria
  • Perfumery


  • Polarity
  • Somatic hybrids and Cybrids
  • Symmetry and differentiation

Cell biology

  • Techniques of Cell Biology
  • Transportation and Vesicular transport
  • Molecular Basis of Cell Cycle
  • Numerical and Structural Variation

Genetic Molecular Evolution and Cell Biology ‘

  • Multigene families
  • Structure and synthesis of nucleic acids and protines
  • Development of genetics

Plant Breeding .Biotechnology and  Bio statics

  • Methods of plant breeding
  • Development and use of molecular markers in plant breeding

Ecology and Plant Geography

Physiology and Biochemistry:

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