Best Physics Optional Notes for UPSC

Physics is among one of the elective subjects in the UPSC exam. Only those students should take physical as an optional subject who has completed their bachelor degree in physics or engineering background. Not only graduation but candidates must have knowledge of different physics topics, including electromagnetism, quantum physics, Molecular Physics, Nuclear physics, etc. Physics optional UPSC notes are always beneficial for UPSC candidates with Physics subjects. It is necessary to grasp the entire Physics UPSC optional syllabus to succeed in the Mains exam.

Our Physics notes for UPSC optional entail entire significant topics of physics such as Electricity and Magnetism, Thermal and Statistical Physics, Electromagnetic Waves & Black Body Radiation, Particle Physics & Solid State Physics, Electronics, and so on. We have prepared these notes after getting the references from the best physics book according to UPSC official syllabus. We also make these notes simple to grasp with in-depth knowledge of each topic. We confirm the authenticity and correctness of our notes as we have gotten the study material from highly recommended books, expert lectures, and other online sources.

Our Physics optional notes for civil services facilitate scholars to identify problems and solve them accordingly. All the Physics optional notes for IAS contain instances, diagrams, and preparation questions to develop your issues solving expertise and boost your aptitude in the subject. You can download the Physics optional notes for UPSC from our website and practice at your choice of time anywhere. There are two parts to the optional physics exam: Paper 1 and Paper 2. Check the syllabus of Physics Optional Paper 1 in the underneath segment:-

Physics Optional Notes for UPSC – Paper 1 Syllabus

 After choosing our Physics optional UPSC notes Paper 1, you can understand how effortless you can make your practice easy with these materials. Our UPSC Physics Optional notes syllabus contains 5 topics in Paper 1, and that are:-

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Wave & Optics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Waves & Black Body Radiation
  • Thermal and Statistical Physics

Physics Optional Notes for UPSC – Paper 2 Syllabus

Like Paper 1, we also curated the Paper 2 to prepare for the UPSC mains exam. UPSC Physics Optional Notes Syllabus Paper 2 will cover the following topics:-

  • Quantum Mechanics I
  • Quantum Mechanics II & Atomic Physics
  • Molecular Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Particle Physics & Solid State Physics
  • Electronics
  • UPSC Physics Syllabus: Important Points

Physics Optional Notes for IAS: Exam pattern

We will not give the candidates wrong hope and recommend that students take physics as an elective subject only if they have the same background. The background means you must have the physics subject in your 10+2 or graduation. Additionally, you must have a stronghold in physics to score high in the UPSC mains exam. Check out the exam pattern for UPSC physics optional subject.

  • The Physics optional subject for IAS contains Paper 1 & Paper 2 in the UPSC Mains exam. Each paper holds 250 marks, with a consolidation of 500 marks.
  • The syllabus of UPSC optional physics emphasizes high on application-related questions instead of theory.
  • Students must prepare deeply and tactically for UPSC civil services main exam.
  • Well-crafted Physics optional notes for IAS can benefit aspirants to prepare for the exam and cover their curriculum accordingly.
  • The total time duration to complete the UPSC physics is 3 hours.
  • Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 contain objective questions.
  • No negative marking in the physics exam

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