Plutus IAS Prelims Test Series 2021- 2022




Plutus IAS Prelims Test Series 2021- 2022

Features of Test Series:

  • Mock tests papers will be based on the fundamental sources (to clear basic concepts), applied sources (to clear analytical concepts), and supplementary sources (to add value with the amalgamation of basic concepts and important current events).
  • These tests will properly evaluate your overall performance and you will better recognize your weak and strong areas. Thus, you will get an extra edge over other students.
  • We keep the standards a notch higher or equal as set by UPSC with easy, moderate, difficult, and very difficult levels to make you comfortable in the exam hall.
  • As per the growing importance of current affairs in UPSC Prelims, we keep more no of tests and questions according to their weight. It also helps you to understand, ‘how to link current affairs to the Prelims’. We also maintain the weight of different subjects in test series based on deep analysis of UPSC Prelims and estimate future trends. 
  • Tests will help you to complete the prelims syllabus with multiple revisions and selective study out of a large stack. Value-added tests will assist you to maintain the perfect strategy, the right approach, and the proper roadmap to embrace success.
  • Test series will bring discipline in the preparation of both Fresher’s (never attended) and Veterans (already attempted). If students are able to maintain a good score and ranks in the Plutus IAS test series, surely they will also achieve them in the actual UPSC exam.


  • The study material of Plutus IAS is only for individual students. If any student is found violative of its copyrights, the legal suit can proceed.
  • Plutus IAS reserves all rights related to admission, alteration, and conduction of test series if required.

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 Topic-wise analysis of last six Prelims

Current Affairs
Current Affairs 21 15. 13 25. 27. 29. 21.
Economy 17 14. 21. 15. 10. 22. 21.
History 14 20. 16. 14. 10 10. 11.
Environment 14 17. 16. 9. 14 17. 13.
Polity 13 16. 12. 12. 22 5. 12.
Geography 11 18. 9. 11. 10 7. 15.
General Science 10 10. 13. 14. 7 10. 7.

 Topic-wise analysis of last six Prelims

Polity 13 16.
Polity 13 16.
Polity 13 16.
Polity 13 16.

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