Indian and World Geography for Civil Services Preliminary Examination


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Indian and World Geography for Civil Services Preliminary Examination

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Indian and World Geography for Civil Services Preliminary Examination topics are listed below…


Physical Geography

i) Geomorphology

  • Origin of the earth;
  • Geological Time Scale;
  • Weathering;
  • Landforms caused by fluvial,

ii) Climatology

  • Structure and composition of the atmosphere;
  • Temperature;
  • Cyclones and anticyclones;
  • Major climatic types.

iii) Oceanography

  • Ocean relief;
  • Temperature;
  • Salinity;
  • Waves and tides.

iv) Biogeography

  • Origin and types of soils;
  • Major biomes of the world;
  • Ecosystem and food chain;
  • Environmental degradation and conservation.

Human Geography

i) Man and Environment Relationship

  • Growth and development of Human Geography;
  • Concepts of Determinism and Possibilism.

ii) Population

  • Races of mankind and tribes;
  • migration;
  • population

iii) Economic Activities

  • Food gathering and hunting;
  • pastoral herding; fishing and forestry;
  • transport, communication and services.
  • communication and services.

iv) Settlements

  • Origin, types and patterns of rural settlements;
  • Processes of urbanisation;
  • morphology and functional classification of towns;
  • million-cities and megacities.

Geography of the World

i) Major Natural Regions : Characteristics, economic base and human adaptation.

    • Characteristics, economic base and human adaptation.

economic base human

  • adaptation.

ii) Regional Geography of Developed Countries :

  • Canada,
  • Russia,
  • Japan,
  • Australia and New Zealand.

Geography of India

i) Physical Setting

  • Landforms,
  • drainage,
  • climate,
  • soils and natural vegetation.

ii) Economic Base

  • Minerals & energy resources,
  • aquatic resources,
  • trade and commerce.

iii) Population

  • Growth,
  • distribution and density;
  • demographic characteristics.

iv) Environmental problems,

developmental issues and regional planning.

Geographical Thought

i) Ancient Period :

  • Contributions of Indians,
  • Greeks,
  • Romans and Arabs.

ii) Pre-Modern Period : Contribution of

  • Contribution of Verenius,
  • Kant,
  • Humboldt and Ritter.

iii) Modern Period: 

  • Dichotomy of determinism and possibilism;
  • contributions of Ratzel,
  • Semple,
  • Huntington and La Blache.

iv) Recent Period:

  • Quantitative Revolution;
  • Radicalism,
  • Behaviorism and Humanism.

Techniques of Geographical Analysis

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