Geology Optional Printed Notes Brilliant Coaching downloaded version


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Geology Optional Printed Notes Brilliant

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Geology Optional Printed Notes Brilliant Coaching topics for exam given below…

Paper – I


(i) General Geology

  • The Solar System, meteorites,
  • meteorites,
  • seismicity of India,
  • intensity and magnitude,
  • seismographs. Island arcs, deep sea
  • Island arcs, deep sea
  • deep sea trenches and mid-ocean ridges.
  • Continental drift-evidences and mechanics;
  • sea-floor spreading,
  • plate tectonics. Isostasy,
  • Isostasy,

(ii) Geomorphology and Remote Sensing:

  • Basic concepts of geomorphology.
  • Weathering and mass wasting
  • Landforms, slopes, and drainage.
  • slopes, and drainage.
  • civil engineering,
  • hydrology, and environmental studies.
  • Geomorphology of Indian sub-continent.

Section- B

(iv) Paleontology:

  • Principles of geologic mapping and map reading, projection diagrams, stress
  • projection diagrams, stress
  • stress and strain ellipsoid and stress-strain relationships of elastic,
  • plastic and viscous materials.
  • unconformities.
  • Superposed deformation. Time –
  • Time
  • Introduction to Petro fabrics.

(v) Stratigraphy and Geology of India:

  • Species definition and nomenclature.
  • Megafossils and Microfossils.
  • Modes of preservation of fossils.
  • Different kinds of microfossils
  • Morphology,
  • geological history and evolutionary trend in Cephalopoda,
  • Trilobita, Brachiopoda,
  • Brachiopoda,

(vi) Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology:

  • Hydrologic cycle and genetic classification of water.
  • Movement of subsurface water,
  • Springs,
  • transmissivity and storage coefficient
  • classification of aquifers.Water-
  • Water-bearing characteristics of rocks.

Paper – II


(i) Mineralogy:

(ii) Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology

(iii) Sedimentology: Sedimentary rocks:


(iv) Economic Geology:

(v) Mining Geology:

(vi) Geochemistry and Environmental Geology:



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