GEOGRAPHY Optional Printed Study Material-ALS Coaching downloaded version


GEOGRAPHY Optional Printed Study Material-ALS Coaching best for upsc and civil services exam preparation any query and discussion call us 120-4160241

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GEOGRAPHY Optional Printed Study Material-ALS Coaching best coaching for upsc and civil services exam.Students specially recommend ALS  coaching for upsc exam and civil services preparation

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  • Geography is an optional subject in UPSC exam
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GEOGRAPHY Optional Printed Study Material-ALS Coaching

Paper 1


  • Basic Concepts
  • Internal Process
  • Weathering and Mass Wasting
  • Fluvial Process
  • Topography of Arid Lands
  • Glacial Modification of Terrain

Regional development and planning (Paper I and II)

  1. Concept of a region
  2. Types of regions and methods of regionalisation
  3. Growth centres and growth poles
  4. Regional imbalances
  5. Regional development strategies
  6. Environmental issues in regional planning
  7. Planning for sustainable development.

Paper II

  1. Experience of regional planning in India
  2. Five Year Plans
  3. Integrated rural development programmes
  4. Panchayati Raj and decentralized planning
  5. Command area development
  6. Watershed management
  7. Planning for backward area, desert, drought prone, hill, tribal area development
  8. Multi-level planning
  9. Regional planning and development of island territories

Contemporary Issues

  1. Regional disparities in economic development
  2. Concept of sustainable growth and development
  3. Linkage of rivers

Resource Geography and Contemporary themes

  • Land,
  • Surface and ground water,
  • Energy,
  • Minerals,
  • Biotic and marine resources;
  • Forest and wild life resources and their conservation;
  • Energy crisis.

Perspectives in Human Geography

Population Geography

  • Growth and distribution of world population;
  • Demographic attributes;
  • Causes and Consequences of migration;
  • Population theories,
  • World population problems and policies

Bio environmental Geography

Agricultural Geography

Industrial Geography

Physical Geography of India


  • Temperature and Pressure belt of the Earth
  • Heat Budget of the Earth
  • Atmospheric Circulation
  • Atmospheric Stability and Instability
  • Air Masses and Fr-onto Genesis
  • Hydro Chloric Cycle
  • Temperate and tropical cyclones;
  • Types and distribution of precipitation;

Paper 2

  • Geography of India

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