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Geography Optional Notes by Alok Ranjan

1. Geomorphology:

  • Factors controlling landform development;
  • Fundamentals of geomagnetism;
  • Origin and evolution of the earth’s crust
  • Geosynclines;
  • Continental drift; Isostasy;
  • Plate tectonics
  • Physical conditions of the earth’s interior;


  • Physical conditions of the earth’s interior;
  • Temperature and pressure belts of the world
  • Heat budget of the earth;
  • Atmospheric circulation
  • Atmospheric stability and instability.
  • Planetary and local winds; Monsoons and jet streams;


  • Bottom topography of the Atlantic,:
  • Indian and Pacific Oceans
  • Ocean deposits;,
  • Heat and salt budgets
  • Temperature and salinity of the oceans;
  • currents and tides; Marine resources


  • Genesis of soils;
  • Soil profile;
  • Classification and distribution of soils;
  • Degradation and conservation
  • Soil erosion,

5.Environmental Geography:

  • Human ecological adaptations;
  • Principle of ecology;
  • Influence of man on ecology and environment;

Human Geography

  • Perspectives in Human Geography:
  • Areal differentiation;
  • Regional synthesis;
  • Environmentalism;
  • Dichotomy and dualism;

2.Economic Geography

  • World economic development:
  • measurement and problems;
  • World resources and their distribution;
  • Energy crisis
  • World agriculture

3.Population and Settlement Geography:

  • Growth and distribution of world population;
  • concepts of the over-under and optimum population;
  • Causes and consequences of migration;

4.Regional Planning: Concept of a region;

  • Types of regions and methods of Regionalization
  • Growth centers and growth poles;
  • Regional imbalances;
  • regional development strategies;


Geography Of India

2. Resources:

3. Agriculture

4. Industry:

5. Transport,

6. Cultural Setting:

7. Settlements:

8. Regional Development and Planning

9. Political Aspects:

10. Contemporary Issues

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