EVOLUTION Forestry Printed Notes-IFoS Examination


EVOLUTION Forestry Printed Notes-IFoS Examination very useful for IFS exam best preparation has best topics for exam any query call us 7678651778


EVOLUTION Forestry Printed Notes-IFoS Examination. Indian forest exam conduct under supervision of  Union Public Service Commission for Indian candidates who are interested to join and serve India

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EVOLUTION Forestry Printed Notes-IFoS Examination wise topics are listed below…

1.Wild Life and Conservation

2.Type OF Wildlife

3.Manipulative Management

4.Custodial Management

5.Management of Hunting Season

6.Early Wildlife Conservation

7.Philosophy of Early American Conservation

  1. Conservation Organization Founded by Huunters

9.Boreal Forest and the Arctic

10.Forest Community and Farming

11.Social Forestry in India

Objective of Silviculture – General

  • Production of Economic Valuable Species
  • Production of Superior Quality of Timbrel
  •  Introduction of Exotics
  • Afforestation
  • Reforestation
  • Production of Higher Volume in Per Unit
  • Seeds
  • Rotation
  • Exotic
  • Regeneration

Types of Forest

Multi Uses of Forest  

  • Simultaneously Uses of a Forest area for two or more Purpose

Protection Forestry 

  • Protection of Land  against from Wind and Soil Erosion
  • Reducing Hazards from Flood damage
  • Protection of land Which is Situated

Commercial Forest 

  • Producing timber and other product of Business Enterprises

Section B 

1) Agroforestry, Social Forestry, Joint Forest Management and Tribology

2) Forest Soils, Soil Conservation and Watershed Management

3) Environmental Conservation and Biodiversity

4) Tree Improvement and Seed Technology

Paper  2

Section A 

1) Forest Management and Management System

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