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EVOLUTION BOTANY Printed Notes-UPSC IFoS Examination beneficial notes for IAS and IFos exam

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EVOLUTION BOTANY Printed Notes-UPSC IFoS Examination topics according to the latest ifs exam pattern is given below…

Paper – I

1. Microbiology and Plant Pathology:

  • Viruses,
  • Bacteria, and plasmids-
  • Structure and reproduction.
  • General account of infection,
  • Phytoimmunology.
  • Applications of microbiology in agriculture,

2. Cryptogams:

  • Algae,
  • Fungi,
  • Bryophytes,
  • Pteridophytes-structure and reproduction from an evolutionary viewpoint.

3. Phanerogams:

  • Gymnosperms:
  • Concept of Progymonosperms.
  • Classification and distribution of Gymnosperms.
  • Salient features of Cycadales,


  • Systematic,
  • Anatomy,
  • Embryology,
  • Palynology and phylogeny.
  • A comparative account of various systems of Angiosperm Classification.
  • Study of angiospermic families–Magnoliaceae, Ranunculaceae, Brassicaceae

4. Plant Utility and Exploitation: 

  • Origin of cultivated plants,
  • Vavilov’s centres of origin.
  • Plants as sources for food, fodder,

4. Plant Utility and Exploitation: 

  • Origin of cultivated plants,
  • Vavilov’s centres of origin.
  • Plants as sources for food,
  • fodder

Paper – II

1. Cell Biology 

2. Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution:

  • Development of genetics, and gene versus allele concepts (Pseudoalleles).
  • Quantitative genetics and multiple factors

3. Plant Breeding, Biotechnology and Biostatistics:

  • Methods of plant breeding-
  • introduction,
  • selection and hybridization (pedigree, backcross, mass

4. Physiology and Biochemistry:

  • Water relations,
  • Mineral nutrition and ion transport,
  • mineral deficiencies.
  • Photosynthesis–photochemical

5. Ecology and Plant Geography

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