Best SSC Coaching institutes in India




Best SSC Coaching institutes in India

                                                                 Best SSC Coaching Institute in India

About SSC (Staff Selection Commission)

Staff Selection Commission: It is the long-form of SSC. Staff Selection Commission is the central government’s recruitment organization. Every year, the SSC recruitment agency conducts its different SSC exams for four-five times for various different posts of the departments and ministries under the Government of India. Under the SSC exam, a total three times the exam is conducted, in tier-1 Prelims, in tier-2 Mains of Descriptive test, and in tier-3 computer skills tests and personality development tests. The SSC recruitment body as per its SSC exam make the selection for four types of posts, these are SSC-CGL (SSC-Combined Graduate Level exam), SSC CHSL (SSC-Combined Higher Secondary Level exam), SSC JE-(SSC Combined Junior Engineer selection exam) and SSC-CPO (SSC-Central Police Organization exam). 

Importance of SSC exam

In all the central government’s exam, the UPSC Civil Service is regarded as the most prestigious job provider. After UPSC, the SSC is counted for the Central government’s various reputed jobs. SSC exam in its syllabus is quite similar to the UPSC syllabus structure. To qualify the exam, you have to pass through a total of four phases and for it, with in-depth syllabus completion. Qualifying the SSC exam offers candidates an opportunity of being an ideal supporter of India’s central administrative leaders. So, if you are thinking to prepare for this year’s upcoming SSC preparation, mere self-study will not work like magic. For it, you need to take proper guidance from any best SSC coaching institute in India and from its highly-qualified and knowledgeable faculties. Today, India’s almost every part is a wide hub of education of different types. Amid this, if you are thinking to find the best SSC coaching institute in India for your outstanding performance in the upcoming SSC exams than you have to keep in mind few necessary things about the coachings to judge their coaching styles and other services before joining. 

Here, for your ease in searching, we have shared some tips, that will certainly help you in searching for the best SSC coaching institute in India with enough ease. Here, on the way of our searching, a prime question arises from where you have to begin judgment? We in this blog have covered almost all the points that will effectively help you in your quick checking. But after reading these tips, if you still feel any other need or any type of confusion then, you may contact us on Our expert team is available round the clock in their service of guiding you or advising you.      

How will these SSC Coaching Institutes help you in finding the best SSC Coaching Institute in India?

  • When you plan to join any top SSC coaching institute in India, your first research should be their mode of guidance. How are their faculties’ knowledge and techniques of teaching? These are key things to note for your confident demonstration of knowledge and perspective in the real exam.
  • Are they equipped with daily mock tests facility, affordable fee structure, good counseling technique, frequent motivational classes and doubt clearance online and offline classes, library facility, distance learning program, and hostel facility, etc?
  1. Location of Coaching: If you are finding the best SSC coaching institute in India. The first thing you need to inspect their hostel facility and its standard, their specific distance learning program. If the coaching is within your city, how far is it from your location? How much is your budget for the regular commute? Etc.
  2. Coaching standard: By coaching standard, we mean their coaching performance record. How optimal is their coaching performance? If their guidance mode is beyond your understanding, that means they are less able to reach their students to the real exam success goal. So, before planning to join any of the best SSC coaching institutes in India, try to find about their coaching standard first.    
  3. Batch Strength: It is a very important point to check before the decision of joining. In any of the best SSC coaching centers in India, the batch sizes play a major role. If the batch strength of any coaching is less than 30 students or up to 30 students that means faculties of that coaching pay proper attention to their students during the time of teaching. On the contrary, if the batch strength is large or of 300 to 500 students that means classrooms are heavily crowded and faculties are less attentive and less clear in their guidance.   
  4. Faculties’ Standard: In any coaching center, the faculties are the main pillar of coaching’s reputation. Their way of teaching, their in-depth knowledge, and the concept-clearing techniques help you to achieve your goal in the real exam and also in the interview selection. 
  5. Classrooms Atmosphere: In your good result-oriented preparation, the classroom environment has a wide role. If the classrooms’ atmosphere is healthy and competitive that means you are getting perfect preparation for your exam success. So, before step into any the best SSC coaching institute in India, your main focus should also be on the classroom atmosphere. 

                                                                        Best SSC Coaching Institute in India

  1. Fee Structure: For many aspirants, the high fee structure is not any matter, as they feel that fee is a little high but is giving them quality coaching and complete assurance of the exam success. But, for most of the students’ to spend high on quality coaching is almost impossible. If you are one such aspirant finding the quality coaching but your budget is limited then, you no need to worry for it, In your journey of finding the best SSC coaching center in India, you will get many the best SSC coaching that provides you quality preparation at the lowest fee structure. 
  2. Study Resources: When you are going to take the joining in any the best SSC coaching institute in India, your first glimpse should be on their entire study resources. How much beneficial may it prove for your exam success? So, you must enquire about it before proceeding with your decision of taking admission in any top SSC coaching institute in India.
  3. Mock Test or Practice Test Series: Don’t forget to check out the quality of your mock practicing set. A good informative mock test question paper certainly helps you in your quality preparation in the real exam. A good mock test set helps you in bringing your accuracy and deep knowledge. Through mock tests set, you can prepare yourself worthy of the real exam. You can bring better performance at a limited time in the real exam. 
  4.  Extra Classes: Extra classes help aspirants in their concept and doubt clearance. If you are planning to join any the best SSC coaching Institue in India, take information about it before admission to make your preparation with full concept clearance and up to the standard of real exam success.   
  5. Reputation: Running behind the brand name of SSC coaching is a big mistake that the majority of Indian aspirants make. Many SSC coaching institutes in India offer their coaching service with their big reputed name. But these coachings, in reality, are sucking your money. And giving you a weak SSC preparation base. Because those coaching center is running with their big-name, provides improper guidance, almost 400 to 500 students batch in every class, and big fee structure, etc.   


                                                                         Plutus Academy SSC Coaching in Noida

If you are looking for any of the best SSC coaching institutes in India then, you should pick the name of Plutus Academy SSC Coaching in Noida. This coaching has been running with its remarkable SSC exam success since 2014. In the whole of Delhi/NCR, it has many branches. Here, on admission, the discount is offered, if you have taken the admission early. In facilities, these coaching mainly provides you the following:

  • 24/7 online doubt clearance and weekly offline doubt clearance classes.
  • Daily notification for every upcoming exam.
  • Daily newspaper editorial reading and analysis classes.
  • Wide library with the collection of 500+ valuable books of SSC competitive exams. It remains open for a long time, so you can spend your long-time reading different important books for your good preparation of SSC.
  • Weekly and weekend on-time classes.
  •  24×7 online library.
  • Frequent Group Discussion Classes.
  • Frequent Current Affairs analysis classes.
  • Daily online mock and offline mock practice support.
  • Online and offline study resources.
  • Informative, simple tricks and techniques based and easy in understanding course materials.
  •  Regular online video lectures after the end of the classes.
  • High-quality lectures.
  • Healthy and competitive classroom environment.
  •  World-class infrastructure
  • Highly-qualified and experienced faculties.
  • Very supportive staff etc.  


                                                                    RACE Academy SSC Coaching in Noida

It is another best institute for the best SSC Coaching in India and also for the best SSC Coaching in Noida. This institute is running with a tag of SSC success for a very long time. It has countless branches across India but the main branch is in Chennai. The whole campus is spread over 12 acres of land. If you have the interest in taking coaching from this institute then, take a look, what facilities can you get from here:

  • Large computer lab for your good competitive preparation.
  • Large reading room or Library, where you can peacefully read many exam-oriented books for your upcoming SSC exam success.
  • Large solo space for your less distraction practice.
  • Awesome infrastructure.
  • Study-friendly and interactive classroom environments.
  • Very supportive, knowledgeable and highly educated faculties support and attention, during the running of offline classes.
  • 24×7 doubt erasing classes.
  • Daily online video lectures are uploaded after the classes are over. 
  • Exam-oriented Group Discussion Classes.
  • Frequent News-paper analysis classes.
  • Frequent writing practice classes.
  • Frequent current Affairs Classes.
  • Affordable Fee Structure etc.  


                                                                    Career Launcher SSC Coaching in Noida

As per our research, it is the third-best SSC Coaching center in India. It is running its SSC coaching job for 17 years with its outstanding SSC coaching experience. Since its inception, it has shown its remarkable coaching success in different SSC exams. Led by a wide group of IIT/IIM alumni whose mere introduction is your SSC exam success. Apart from the Noida center, it has many other centers across India. In the coaching of Career launcher SSC in Noida, you primarily get the facilities like;

  •  Best academic guidance in the everyday and weekend classes.  
  • Exam-oriented and industry requirement based study materials.
  • Online and offline doubt solving classes.
  • Online regular practice set.
  •  Top-class workshop classes.
  • Best-in-class Group Discussion Classes.
  • Hospitable learning environment.
  • Highly experienced and qualified faculties’ guidance.
  •  Regular video lectures after classes are over. 
  • Newspaper reading and detail analysis classes.
  • Answer writing practice classes.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • Good infrastructure and many other things etc.


                                                               Mahendra Institute SSC Coaching in Noida

It is also the best SSC institute in India but as per its present coaching performance, we have placed its name in the fourth position. The institute is serving with its remarkable coaching performance since the year 1994 under the leadership of Mr. Naveen Kumar Jain. Today, many well-reputed SSC staff was ever the aspirants of this institute. Besides, in Noida, it has around 161 branches across India. In 2018, due to its consistent best-in-quality coaching, it was awarded the prestigious Star Performer Award  The admission procedure of the Mahendra is through online mode. For admission, they issue aspirant’s admission card along with exciting discount offers. If you have an interest in its coaching, take a look, what has the Mahendra in its coaching programs to offer you?   

  • The top-quality online speed test that helps you to become confident for your real exam.
  • Frequent exam-oriented video courses for better concept clarity and revision.
  • Online supply of Mahendra’s books and monthly or weekly magazines.
  • Daily online classes with engaging lectures.
  • Special Doubt solving classes. 
  • Special Group Discussion Classes.
  • Special extra classes for proper revision of the aspirants when the exam is near.
  • Real type mock interview classes.
  • Lectures are available both in Hindi and English.
  • 4 months batch program for your SSC preparation.
  • Regular Online and offline classes except for Sunday.
  • Sunday classes only in selected branches.
  • The slightly high fee structure
  • World-class infrastructure.
  • Informative Study materials.
  • Interactive and study-friendly classroom environment.
  • Batch sizes are little excess but every aspirant’s are provided proper personal classes etc. 

                                                                     Paramount Academy SSC Coaching in Noida 

In the fifth rank, the Paramount SSC coaching in India comes. This coaching has a remarkable SSC success record since the time of inception. It was founded in 2006 by the effort of Mr. Rajiv Soumitra. The infrastructure of this coaching is quite comfortable. The classroom environment is very study-friendly and competitive. The batch size of students in this institute is large but despite this, every aspirant is provided proper attention and doubt clearance by the faculties. If your wish is to experience its coaching then, you can read all its facilities, given here:

  • Competitive online test series, it only provides online practicing test set, the offline test set is not available.
  • Guidance of the highly experienced and knowledgeable faculties.
  • Weekend and Weekday’s class facilities. In weekend classes, morning and evening classes are available. 
  • Separate hostel facilities for both boys and girls.
  • Special English and Math classes.
  • Doubt solving online and offline classes.
  • Workshop Classes.
  • Group Discussion Classes.
  • Exam requirement based study materials.
  • Effective descriptive writing classes.
  • Cost-effective fee structure etc.  



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