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  • Laws of motion, Conservation of energy & momentum:
  • Rutherford Scattering,
  • Center of mass
  • Laboratory reference frames
  • Prepare the Rutherford Scattering part from Modern Physics
  • Mechanics of Continuous media
  • Special Relativity

Waves and Optics:

  • Geometrical Optics:
  • Laws of Reflection & refraction from Fermat’s principle:
  • Matrix method in Paraxial optics
  • Chromatic and Spherical Aberration

Electricity and Magnetism

  • Laplace & Poisson equations in electrostatics & their applications
  • Energy of a system of charges
  • Method of images and its applications
  • Uniformly Magnetized Sphere

Thermal and Statistical Physics

  • Thermodynamics by Loganathan
  • Entropy:
  • Otto & Diesel Engines
  • Gibbs’ Phase Rule
  • Chemical Potential:
  • Maxwell relations and its applications:

Statistical Physics

  • Macro & Microstates:
  • Statistical Distributions
  • Concept of Negative Temperatures:

Paper II

Quantum Mechanics

  • Wave-particle duality; Schrodinger equation and expectation values;
  • Uncertainty principle;
  • Solutions of the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation
  • Particle in a finite well,
  • Linear harmonic oscillator;
  • Reflection and transmission by a step potential and by a rectangular barrier; Particle in a three dimensional box

Atomic and Molecular Physics

  • Stern-Gerlach experiment, electron spin, fine structure of hydrogen atom;
  • L-S coupling, J-J coupling; Spectroscopic notation of atomic states;
  • Zeeman effect; FrankCondon principle and applications; Elementary theory of rotational,
  • Vibration and electronic spectra of diatomic molecules;
  • Raman effect and molecular structure;
  • Laser Raman spectroscopy;
  • Importance of neutral hydrogen atom,

Nuclear and Particle Physics

  • Basic nuclear properties-size,
  • Binding energy, a
  • Angular momentum,
  • Parity, magnetic moment;
  • Semi-empirical mass formula and applications,
  • Mass parabolas;
  • Ground state of deuteron,

Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics

  • Crystalline and amorphous structure of matter;
  • Different crystal systems, space groups;
  • Methods of determination of crystal structure;
  • X-ray diffraction,
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopies;
  • Band theory of solids –
  • Conductors, insulators and semiconductors

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