Rau’s IAS History Optional Blue Books




Rau’s IAS History Optional Blue Books

Cover Topics

History printed Notes covered in 6 Blue Books 

  1. History (Mains Exam) Paper-1(Book-1)
    1. Sources
    2. Pre-history and Proto-history
    3. The Indus Civilization
    4. Megalithic Cultures
    5. Aryans and Vedic Period
    6. Period of Mahajanpads
    7. The Mauryan Empire
    8. Post-Maurayan Period
    9. Early State and Society in Eastern India, Deccan and South India
    10. Guptas and Vakatakas and Vardhanas
    11. Regional States during Gupta Era
  2. History (Mains Exam) Paper-1(Book-2)
    1. Themes in Early Indian Cultural History
    2. Early Medieval India (750-1200)
    3. Cultural Tradition in India
    4. The 13th century
    5. The 14th century
  3. History (Mains Exam) Paper-1(Book-3)
    1. Society culture and economy in the Thirteenth and Fourteen Centuries
    2. The 15th & early 16th Century Political Developments and Economy
    3. The 15th & early 16th Century (Society and Culture)
    4. Akbar
    5. Mughal Empire in the 17th Century
    6. Economy and Society in 16th & 17th Century
    7. Culture in the Mughal Empire
    8. The 18th Century
  4. History (Mains Exam) Paper-2(Book-1)
    1. European Penetration into India
    2. British Expansion in India
    3. Structure of the British Raj upto 1857
    4. Economic impact of British Colonial Rule
    5. Social and Cultural Developments
    6. Social and Religious reforms movements in Bengal and other areas
    7. Indian Response to British Rule
    8. Indian Nationalism
    9. Character of Gandhian Nationalism
  5. History (Mains Exam) Paper-2(Book-2)
    1. The constitutional developments in the colonial India between 1858 and 1935
    2. Other strands of the National Movement
    3. Politics of Separatism
    4. Consolidation as a Nation
    5. Caste and Ethnicity after 1947 backward castes and tribes in post colonial electoral politics; Dalit movements
    6. Economic Development 1947-1965

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  1. History (Mains Exam) Paper-2(Book-3)
    1. Enlightenment and modern ideas
    2. Origins of modern policies
    3. Industrialization
    4. Nation-state system
    5. Imperialism and Colonialism
    6. Revolution and counter Revolution
    7. World Wars
    8. Cold Wars
    9. Colonial Liberation
    10. Decolonization and Underdevelopment
    11. Unification of Europe
    12. Soviet Disintegration and the Unipolar World

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