Brilliant Tutorials Coaching-Chemistry Optional-Printed Notes


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Brilliant Tutorials Coaching-Chemistry Optional-Printed Notes Topics are given below….

1.Atomic Structure 

2. Chemical Bonding

  • Ionic bond
  • Characteristics of ionic compounds
  • Lattice energy
  • Born-Haber cycle
  • Covalent bond and its General Characteristics

3.Solid States 

  • Crystal systems
  • Designation of crystal faces
  • Lattice structures and unit cell
  • Bragg’s law
  • X-ray diffraction by Crystals

4. The Gaseous State and Transport Phenomenon

  • Equation of the State real gases

5. Liquid State:

6. Thermodynamics:

  • Work Heat and Internal Energy
  • First law of thermodynamics.
  • Second law of thermodynamics;
  • Entropy as a state function,
  • Entropy changes in various processes

7. Phase Equilibria and Solutions:

  • Clausius-Clapeyron equation
  • Phase diagram for a pure substance
  • Phase Equilibria in binary systems
  • Partially miscible liquids-upper and lower critical solution temperatures
  • Partial molar quantities,

8. Electrochemistry:

9. Chemical Kinetics

  • Differential and integral rate equations for zeroth,
  • First, second and fractional order reactions
  • Rate equations involving reverse,
  • Parallel,
  • Consecutive and chain reactions
  • Branching chain and explosions;

10. Photo-chemistry

Absorption of light; decay of excited state by different routes; photochemical reactions between hydrogen and halogens and their quantum yields.

11. Surface Phenomena and Catalysis:

  • Absorption of light
  • Decay of excited state by different routes
  • Photochemical reactions between hydrogen and halogens and their quantum yields.

12. Bio-inorganic Chemistry:

13. Coordination Compounds:

14. Main Group Chemistry

15.General Chemistry of ‘f’ Block Elements 


1. Delocalized Covalent Bonding:

2.Reaction Mechanism

3. Pericyclic Reaction  

4.Preparation and Properties of Polymers 

5.Synthetic use of Reagent

6. Photo-chemistry 


Total Number Of Pages –  1300

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