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Best NEET Coaching in Kanpur Report is made for all those students who are preparing for NEET but don’t know which coaching center they should choose for the excellent preparation, and that answer you will get through this book, in this book you will get all the details like- the faculty is qualified or not, do they have any experience in teaching, study materials are updated or not, do they keep their informative panel updated or not, any educational facilities are available or not, what is their track record, their hall of fame etc.. so this report is all about these things.


Best NEET Coaching in Kanpur Report

NEET Entrance

NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test, and this National Eligibility Entrance Test is the perfect gateway to several top-notch medical and dental colleges at the undergraduate level. Which needs excellent preparation tricks with the unbeatable strategies program, but how can be someone easily find out about the best NEET institute in this city Kanpur, and for this motive this Best NEET Coaching in Kanpur Report has been prepared.

Medical Aspirants for this basically take help of online sources where they easily find out even get lot’s of information about the excellent NEET institutes which are called themselves better than others, Google search some time become a difficult situation during the selecting of best NEET coaching, because it gives you so many options and left you all alone in this maze situation, even parents also don’t want to stake their kids’ future, and that’s why this research report is made which will guide or navigate you all to your right training platform for NEET Entrance. Best NEET Coaching in Kanpur Report. 

In the below section you all can easily get the precise details including:-

  • About the coaching Performance
  • The Fee pattern
  • Contact Details
  • Batch size
  • Other Branches in the area of Kanpur
  • Course training timings. Etc.

So the information which is mentioned in the above section is enough, maybe not because these details are easily available on any site, and our analytical team first collected all the details from the sites like:-

  1. Google,
  2. Just dial,
  3. Quora(an excellent source)
  4. Facebook,
  5. etc.,

This is not the proper details about any coaching center, kid’s & their parents required more even deep and specific information like:-

  1. The team of excellent faculty,
  2. Professors/Lecturer’s qualification background. 
  3. What parents and students are expecting from the coaching centers, 
  4. The study booklets are proper or not,
  5. Do they keep their informative panel updated or not,
  6. Which academy is providing all the excellent educational facilities under the reasonable fee structure,
  7. The staff is supportive or not,
  8. Any individual attention for the average candidates,
  9. Doubt clearing class,
  10. Past track record,
  11. Result-oriented session,
  12. The educational facilities fall under the affordable fee range or not, 
  13. How is the Study environment,
  14. Their success rate and stories,
  15. The infrastructure is well furnished or not, and many other important details about any NEET coaching in Kanpur.

But first, check the Best NEET Coaching in Kanpur Report is mentioned below:-

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Nifa Classes

  • Nifa Classes is one of the top institutes which offers the best NEET coaching in Kanpur. Check out the features that you can avail by enrolling for a course in Nifa Classes in Kanpur for NEET coaching.
  • Class Room Teaching in Nifa classes is offered by a team of experts who have several years of experience in the field.
  • You can avail the study materials which incorporate previous years question papers. The answers are penned down after a proper and in-depth analysis. The study materials are available for both the mediums (English and Hindi).
  • Test series is very important for the students to perform better. The institute conducts All India Test series and regular tests as well.
  • Batches are reorders depending upon the all India test series and random tests as well.
  • The syllabus is completed on-time which will help the student to focus more on learning and revising as the coaching will conclude before February.
  • Timely Completion and Revision of the Whole Syllabus
Contact details
  • Address: 117/N/65 Rani Ganj Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208025.
  • Hours: Opens 8AM – Closes 8PM ⋅
  • Phone: 0512 250 3832
  • Website:

JEE Experts

If you are trying to find the Best NEET coaching in Kanpur, then you are in the right place. JEE Experts is one institute which helps the NEET candidates to score more in the exams. Find out the special benefits of registering for a program in the institute.

  • The institute comprises of an excellent team of teachers.
  • A very transparent lesson plans along with top-notch coaching will always result in the best coaching.
  • Problem-solving skills are essential for the students as it will help during the NEET exams.
  • Students will be taken care of by the institute’s instructors. Each and every student will have special attention. Most of the students will now have a common rapport to share with the teachers.
  • As said earlier, the teachers will completely focus on the student’s growth. They’ll always be available to assist the students whenever they have queries to clear. The teachers will train in a way that the student’s performance increases predominantly.
  • Classes with scientific and result-oriented methodology. The institute comes out with well-researched materials and relevant resources.
  • To increase student efficiency at a fast pace, the institute executes daily progress monitoring, usual tests, performance analysis & feedback for your improvement.
  • Complete academic support can be availed by the students after the classes are over. The syllabus will be completed in the correct time without lagging behind. Moreover, the institute comes with quality teaching.
  • Apart from this, parents will be regularly updated regarding their children’s performance through SMS, online support. Most of the students from this institute has acquired the best NEET coaching. The infrastructure of the institute makes it easier for the students to concentrate more on the exams. A team of teachers will always verify that each individual student is attempting his/her goal with another milestone like Boards, KVPY, Olympiads, NTSE, NSEJS, etc.
Contact details
  • Address: Ground Floor, 16/34, Opposite To Bishap Westcott School, Near Income Tax Office- Civil, Lines Branch, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001.
  • Hours: Opens 8:30AM – Closes 8:30PM ⋅
  • Phone: 099194 47742
  • Website:

IIT Kalrashukla

IIT Kalrashukla has acquired the third place in Best NEET coaching Kanpur. Here are some of the interesting facts about the institute that you should definitely know before joining this institute.

When you gear up for any competitive exam, you should keep one thing in your mind that is you are competing with the whole country. IIT Kalrashukla has more than two decades of experience in guiding the students for the toughest competitive exams in India.

You need to know that IIT Kalrashukla is one institute which has trained engineering candidates to crack the JEE exams in top-level using their proven coaching pattern and by conducting continuous tests. You should definitely consider this institute to acquire better coaching and crack the exams that have been a barrier to your dreams.

Contact details
  • Address: 117/N/252, Shriparshva Building, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208025.
  • Hours: Opens 8:30AM – Closes 8:30PM ⋅
  • Phone: 076178 00800
  • Website:

Aakash IIT-JEE

Aakash IIT-JEE is one institute which has many branches in the country to help students who are finding it difficult to crack the competitive exams. This one of the Best NEET coaching in Kanpur without any doubts If you still have doubts, just check out the below information to know completely about the institute.

The institute conducts All India level test series and students can participate to win scholarships for the courses. Cash Awards are also offered for the students who are excelling. The test is available in the offline and computer-based test as well. Students who are aspiring to become should certainly enroll for this test series which will be conducted in the month of October. Just visit the institute’s official website to know about the competitive exams and don’t miss out this golden opportunity.

Let’s check out some of the benefits that this institute offers to the students who are preparing to join this institute.

Best teachers

The institute incorporates dedicated, highly qualified and experienced faculty members for the student. As there are a lot of faculties in the institute, it will be easier for them to provide special attention to each and every student.

Consistent success rate

Since Aakash institute’s establishment, the institute has maintained a successful track record in both engineering and Medical entrance exams. Apart from this, Aakash institute has also provided guidance for other competitive and scholarship exams like NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads every year.

Exhaustive Study Material

If you are finding it difficult to learn, you should probably check out your study materials. Students can easily understand any concept if the source from which they study is clear cut. Likewise, Aakash institute offers study materials that are way too better than any institute’s study materials. All the topics of NEET syllabus are deployed and analyzed to pen down in simple terms. This is how the institute prepares the study materials for students. No matter what subject you find difficult to read. With the best study materials, you will be actually completing the learning without any hindrance.

The institute offers integrated coaching so that students can actually perform better in the board exams. Moreover, the institute has it clear to help the students in top exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, Olympiads, NTSE, KVPY, etc.

Contact details
  • Address: 63/2-C, 1st & 2nd Floor, Mall Rd, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001.
  • Hours: Opens 8:30AM – Closes 8:30PM ⋅
  • Phone: 098185 43543
  • Website:

Bravgard Coaching Classes 

Bravgard Coaching Classes has acquired the position in Best NEET coaching in Kanpur as they have succeeded in helping the NEET candidates to crack the exams. NEET has become the toughest competitive exams of late and coaching is essential for each and every student who is preparing for the NEET exams. Without preparations, it is actually tough to clear the exams. Bravgard Coaching Classes is a renowned institute which is offering the Best NEET coaching in Kanpur without any doubts. The institute comes up with different programs dedicated to the NEET exams. As we all know, it’s quite tough to clear the NEET exams, the institute offers rigorous training to the students so that they can clear the classes just like that.

Continue reading to know about the courses offered by the Bravgard Coaching classes for the students.

NEET (Medical) Foundation

This course includes subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. IX and X concepts are clearly taught to the students to give their best in NEET exams. It’s just not about the theoretical clarity but the students will also be implementing the concepts in various exams.

NEET Foundation Test Series

Taking up the NEET foundation test series will help the students to understand where they stand in NEET preparations as they’ll be competing with the students from different parts of the country. It’s very important for the students to gain as much knowledge they can for excelling in the NEET exams. Test series is the only way to continue the practice until success knocks the door.

Contact details
  • Address: chaturvedi’s,117/N/67 Tulsi nagar,kakadeo, 889, Rani Ganj, Ambedkar Nagar, Navin Nagar, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208025.
  • Hours:⋅ Opens 7:30AM – Closes 8:30PM
  • Phone: 094539 55824
  • Website:

New Light Coaching Classes 

New Light Coaching Classes has attained the last position in our ranking but still, it offers the Best NEET coaching in Kanpur. Want to know how? Just read below and you will certainly how important for the NEET candidates to join this course.

The courses in the institute are prepared by an expert team.

The institute has a good balance between coaching and learning process. Students will be trained and they will be undergoing lot of tests during their course schedule.

The institute offers classroom lessons for the student that offers the learner’s a better exposure.

The institute has always helped the students to perform well in the test series and performance analysis is done on the basicof evaluation of test papers. The teachers will offer instant help to the students who are lagging behind. in certain topics. Moreover, the institute comes up with exhaustive study materials that are actually helping the students.

Contact details
  • Address: 117 / N / 57, Behind Kulwanti Hospital Lane, Kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208025.
  • Hours: Opens 7:30AM – Closes 8:30PM ⋅
  • Phone: 091515 50550
  • Website:

So, what do you think about these details are they enough, or this list satisfied your wits if not then this book is here along with the current and accurate details of each NEET coaching and you all should go through this book before enrolling in any NEET coaching centers for the admission process in Kanpur, and these names are taken from the best medical centers’ list, for your convenience check the link below:-

Top Medical Coaching Center In Kanpur

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