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Compilations of Shankar IAS Environment for Prelims-2018

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Compilations of Shankar IAS Environment for Prelims-2018 is divided into five-part. The first part is included topic like us Ecology, functions of an ecosystem, etc. The second part is included topic like us BIODIVERSITY  and INDIAN BIODIVERSITY, etc. The third topic is included like us  CLIMATE CHANGE and ACIDIFICATION, etc. This note describes each topic very briefly according to the syllabus.

Author:- Shankar IAS Academy
Publisher:- Shankar IAS Academy
Language:- English
Year:- 2018
Number of Pages:- 377
Type of Book:- E-Book
Exam:- UPSC, civil services

Shankar IAS -Mains Test Series -2019

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Shankar IAS -Mains Test Series -2019  is given one test series. This test series has solved all the question in this test series and tricks describe. This test series is conducted by Shankar IAS coaching.

Author:- Shankar IAS

Publisher:- Shankar IAS

Language:- English

Year:- 2019

Type of Book:- E-Book

Exam:- UPSC, civil services, IAS 


Shankar IAS- Science & Technology

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Shankar IAS- Science & Technology notes are divided into five-part. The first part is included topic like us Ecology, Function and An Ecosystem, etc. The second topic is included Biodiversity and Indian Biodiversity, etc. The third topic is included Climate Change and Acidification, etc.

Author :- Shankar IAS

Publisher :- Shankar IAS

Language :- English

Year :- 2018 

Number of Pages :-  156

Type of  Book  :- E-Book

Exam :- UPSC , IAS , Civil services