Vajiram-Public Administration Handwritten Optional Notes


Vajiram-Public Administration Handwritten Optional Notes useful for civil services and upsc exam to the aspirants any query call us 0120-4160241



Vajiram-Public Administration Handwritten Optional Notes best for UPSC and Civil services exam

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Vajiram-Public Administration Handwritten Optional Notes important topics for exam are listed below..

Administrative Theory

1. Introduction:

  • Meaning, scope and significance of Public Administration;
  • Wilson’s vision of Public Administration;

2. Administrative Thought:

  • Scientific Management and Scientific Management movement;
  • Classical Theory; Weber’s bureaucratic model

3. Administrative Behaviour:

  • Process and techniques of decision-making; Communication;
  • Morale; Motivation Theories – content, process and contemporary;

4. Organisations:

  • Theories – systems, contingency;
  • Structure and forms: Ministries and Departments,


5. Accountability and control:

  • Concepts of accountability and control;
  • Legislative,


6. Administrative Law:

  • Meaning, scope and significance;
  • Dicey on Administrative law;

7. Comparative Public Administration:

  • Historical and sociological factors affecting administrative systems;
  • Administration and politics in different countries;

8. Development Dynamics:

  •  Concept of development;
  • Changing profile of development administration; ‘


9. Personnel Administration:

  • Importance of human resource development;
  • Recruitment,

10. Public Policy:

11. Techniques of Administrative Improvement:

12. Financial Administration:

Paper – II

Indian Administration

1. Evolution of Indian Administration:

2. Philosophical and Constitutional framework of government:

3. Public Sector Undertakings:

4. Union Government and Administration:

5. Plans and Priorities:

6. State Government and Administration:

7. District Administration since Independence:

8. Civil Services:

9. Financial Management:

10. Administrative Reforms since Independence:

11. Rural Development:

12. Urban Local Government:

13. Law and Order Administration:.

14. Significant issues in Indian Administration

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