Geography Optional UPSC Video Lectures free Download


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Geography Optional Video Lectures Free Download

Geography Optional Video Lectures Free Download 2020

Geography is one of the optional subjects of the civil service main exam. There are 2 parts each consists of 250 marks which means the total geography exam paper is 500 marks. The 2 optional papers are part of the civil service mains exam. In the past, it is seen that there are many civil service exam toppers who have chosen geography as their optional subject. Some of them are Ira Singhal (2015), Saumya Pandey Rank 4 holder had taken Geography as her optional subject in 2016.

Click On this this link to Download the Video lectures –

How video lectures are different from any other video lecture available:

  • The video lectures cover the full syllabus of Geography optional for Mains of civil service exam in 29 video lectures.
  • The video lectures are by Shamim Anwar renowned lecturer who has taught many successful civil service aspirants.

What is the viewpoint behind making these video lectures?

The video lecture will help develop an in-depth understanding of the subject geography optional syllabus which is needed to attempt questions in mains. The lectures also focus on providing a logical understanding of the concept as currently demanded by CSE candidates.

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Content of the video lecture provided by VISION IAS:

  • How to make a study plan for geography optional paper.
  • The right way of writing answers and how can you improve.
  • Optional paper-1 geography syllabus:
    Physical geography: environmental geography, climatology, geomorphology, biogeography, and oceanography.
    Human geography: economic geography, population and settlement geography, regional planning, perspectives in human geography, and models, theories and laws in human geography
  • Optional paper -2 geography syllabus:
    Geography of India: culture setting, physical setting, resources, agriculture, industry, transport, communication and trade, settlements, political aspects, regional development and planning, and contemporary issues

What will we the Pros and Cons of taking Geography as an optional subject in the civil service Exam?

There are many candidates who say that they have taken the right decision by choosing geography as their optional subject. But on the other hand, there are many candidates who say that their decision of choosing geography as optional is bad for them. I have listed some of the pros and cons of taking geography as an optional subject so that you can take the correct decision for yourself. As you are the best person to judge your strengths and weaknesses, even there is a difference between your educational and professional backgrounds. I’ll suggest you to first analyze all the optional subjects and choose best for yourself, make sure that the pros are more than cons. If pros are more than cons you should definitely select that optional subject.

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Pros of Geography optional subject:

  • Since geography subject is scientific in nature. Candidates with science, medical and engineering backgrounds prefer taking t as the optional subject.
  • Concepts need to we remembered as there is not much mugging up.
  • Study material is easily available. One doesn’t need to worry about the study material but the right information which is available.
  • Geography is the subject which comes in both prelims and the mains.
  • Question from the geography comes in dynamic nature and less in static nature because of this geography subjects overlap with the environment, ecology and conservation.
  • Aspirants who prepare for geography exam have a benefit as they can use that information while writing an essay paper.
  • Even in the UPSC personality test, Geography will be useful as the board can ask questions on the local geography of a candidate’s home town like soil, vegetation, minerals, etc.
  • Geography is a scoring subject because unlike humanities subjects, there is not much scope for interpretation. Also, diagrams, flowchart, etc. can be used to get more marks.
  • The map-based questions are also scoring.

Cons of Geography optional subjects:

  • The biggest negative about Geography is that it has a rather huge syllabus. Check the Geography optional syllabus for UPSC mains here.

Tips for Geography Optional in civil service mains exam preparation according to Shamim Anwar:

  • In the civil service mains, geography optional papers, you will have a choice of attempting 5 queries out of the 8 queries. The papers tend to be lengthy in nature. Hence, you must not take more than 5 minutes, to decide that you will attempt this question or not.
  • There are normally sub-parts to all the queries. Choose those queries for which you know all the sub-parts. This ensures maximum marks in the paper.
  • Don’t make incomplete maps. Maps are the quite scoring question in nature and so you should ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of these types of questions. So, prepare well and make complete maps with correct labeling.
  • Always try to insert general knowledge information in your answers, wherever relevant in the answer. This gives the impression that you are well-updated with current affairs. Geography is an interdisciplinary subject and so you can involve content from many different subjects anthropology, economics, ecology, environment, etc.
  • Always use case studies and other examples and figures to highlight what you are trying to convey through your answers. Provide graphs wherever possible.
  • Include relevant theories to your answers.
  • If you are asked about a theory or a model, you can adhere to the following framework while writing your answers:

Role in the contemporary world

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  • Apart from the standard textbooks, you should read the following magazines:
  • Geography and You
  • Yojana/Kurukshetra
  • Develop speed while writing through ample test practice.
  • Cover the Geography syllabus entirely. Don’t miss out on anything.


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