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General Studies (Prelim) & CSAT Schedule for Prelim Test Series-2023



Vajiram UPSC Coaching Test Series

Vajiram UPSC coaching Test Series 2023 is good. These test series are designed while keeping in mind the syllabus of the CSE and the latest pattern of questions asked. The explanation is also provided which is given by the subject experts. And another important thing is the main test series is provided in two different ways, one for the current students at the coaching and the other for the old students of the institute.

Vajiram and Ravi Notes For General Studies

These test series are very helpful in qualifying the examination. The best part is, it is in PDF form so that students can learn in their personal pace. They don’t need to go anywhere, only they have to download this test series and start their preparation for the final day. Vajiram UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023 is included the total 6 test series, which describe each question with answers and tricks. This note is best for IAS exam preparation. This test series is made for the Prelims and Mains test series conduct by Vajiram UPSC 2023.

Vajiram and Ravi Notes For General Studies PDF 2023

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Author:- Vajiram UPSC Publisher:-  Vajiram UPSC Language:- English Year:- 2023 Type of Book:- E-Book Exam:-  IAS and UPSC  Vajiram UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023 Vajiram UPSC Prelims Test Series 2023 syllabus is given below.

General Studies (Prelim) & CSAT Schedule for Prelim Test Series-2023

              Prelim Test Schedule 2020                                  Topics   

  1. G.S. Test- 12                                                  (General Studies – Full Revision)
  2.  G.S. Test- 11                                                  Current Affairs – Sept. to Dec. 2022            
  3.  G.S. Test- 10 ( 02nd Feb.2020)                      (Science & Technology + Enviroment & Ecology  )
  4.  G.S. Test- 3 ( 20th Oct.2020)                           (Polity & History)       (Available)    
  5. G.S. Test- 8  ( 05th Jan.2020)                        (Geography + Economics )  (Available)
  6. G.S. Test-  7  ( 22nd Dec.2020)                       ( History & Economics ) (Available)
  7. G.S. Test- 6 ( 1th Dec.2020)                          (Polity and Geography Test series) (Available)
  8. G.S. Test- 5 ( 17th Nov.2020)                          (Current Affairs (May. To Aug.2022) (Available)
  9. G.S. Test- 4 ( 03rd Nov.2020)                          (Geography & Economics)              (Available)    
  10. G.S. Test-1 ( 29th Sept.2020)                          ( NCERT based Polity & History)     (Available)
  11. G.S. Test-2 ( 06th Oct.2020)                            (NCERT based Geography & Economics)    (Available)
  12. G.S. Test- 11 ( 16th Feb.2020 )                      (Current Affairs (Sept. To Dec.2022)
  13. G.S. Test- 12 ( 23rd Feb.2020 )                     ( General Studies Full Test-1  )
  14. G.S. Test- 13 ( 01st Mar.2020 )                      ( General Studies Full Test-2  )
  15. G.S. Test- 14 ( 15th Mar.2020 )                      ( General Studies Full Test-3  )
  16. G.S. Test- 15 ( 29th Mar.2020 )                      ( economic Survey, Budget, Indian Year Book & Current Affairs (Jan. &Feb. 2020)
  17. G.S. Test- 16 ( 05th Apr.2020 )                       (General Studies Full Test-4 )
  18. G.S. Test- 17 ( 12th Apr.2020 )                       (General Studies Full Test-5 )
  19. G.S. Test- 18 ( 26th Apr.2020 )                       (General Studies Full Test-6  ) 
  20. G.S. Test- 18 ( 10th May.2020 )                      (General Studies + C.S.A.T Full Test-7 )
  21. G.S. Test- 18 ( 17th May.2020 )                      (General Studies + C.S.A.T Full Test-8 )


  1.  C.S.A.TTest-1 09th Feb.2020                                                  C.S.A.T Full Test-1
  2.  C.S.A.T Test-2 22ndMar.2020                                                 C.S.A.T Full Test-2
  3. C.S.A.T Test-3 19th Apr.2020                                                   C.S.A.T Full Test-3
  4. C.S.A.T Test-4 10thMay.2020                                                   C.S.A.T Full Test-4
  5. C.S.A.T Test-5 17thMay.2020                                                   C.S.A.T Full Test-5


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