Plutus Academy Questions for Interview



Plutus Academy Questions for Interview

Questions for Interview
1.Brief Introduction
2. Tell me something about your hometown
3. Who is your role model?
4.In your opinion, what are the qualities of leaders?
5.Why didn’t you go for higher studies?
6.Why do you want to join the banking sector?
7.What is Inflation
8.In inflation, what is Base Year?
9.What is the factor cost?
10.Describe Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate?
11.Present Repo rate and Reverse Repo Rate
12.What is the present bank rate in India?
13.What is the Marginal Standing Facility ratio?
14.What is CRR and what is present CRR?
15.When was RBI established?
16.As per which act, RBI was established?
17.When was RBI nationalized?
18.Who was the first governor of RBI?
19.Who was the first Indian Governor of RBI?
20.Who is the present governor of RBI?
21.RBI releases which policy to Control Inflation?
22.RBI has a monetary policy committee. How many members are
23.Who is in charge of the monetary policy of RBI?
24.What is the commodity money?
25.Where is the headquarters of the bank for international
26.Headquarter of European Investment bank?
Pplutus Academy
27.Headquarter of the Asian Development Bank? How many
members are there?
28.Headquarter of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank? How
many members are there?
29.When was IMF established?
30.Headquarter of IMF their member countries and MD of IMF?
31.What do you mean by Money Laundering?
32.Which Organization deals with Money Laundering in India?
33.Which Organization deals with Money Laundering in World?
34.What is a mutual fund?
35.What is a blue-chip stock company?
36.What is the bear market?
37.What is the bull market?
38.Which is the first Indian Company to issue Masala Bond?
39.Treasury Bill:There is a provision of treasury bills for how many
40.What is LIBOR?
41.What is MIBOR? Elaborate it.
42.Any offense under FERA rules is criminal or civil?
43.FERA rules were changed into FEMA rules by recommendation
of which country?
44.What is a truncated cheque?
45.What is a bearer cheque?
46.What is an order cheque?
47.Why the third economy plan was a fail Contact Information

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