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IES and ESE Made Easy Notes Electrical Engineering clues for exam given below..

Paper I Syllabus

1. EM Theory Electric and magnetic fields

  • Gauss’s Law and Amperes Law. Fields in dielectrics,
  • Plane-Wave propagating in dielectric and conducting media.
  • Transmission lines.

2. Electrical Materials

  • Band Theory, Conductors,
  • Conductors,
  • Semiconductors and Insulators.
  • Properties and applications.
  • Hall effect and its applications.
  • Special semiconductors.

3. Electrical Circuits

  • Circuits elements.
  • Kirchoff’s Laws.
  • Mesh and nodal analysis.
  • Network Theorems and applications.
  • Two-port networks.
  • Elements of two-element
    network synthesis.

4. Measurements and Instrumentation

  • Units and Standards. Error analysis, measurement of current, Voltage, power,
  • Error analysis, measurement of current, Voltage, power,
  • measurement of current, Voltage, power,
  • Measurement of resistance, inductance,
  • inductance, Capacitance and frequency converters.

5. Control Systems

  • Mathematical modeling of physical systems.
  • Block diagrams and signal flow graphs and their reduction.
  • Time domain and frequency domain analysis of the linear dynamical system. Errors for
  • Stability of sampled data system.
  • Elements of non-linear control analysis.
  • The Nyquist plot and Bode plot.

Paper II Syllabus

1. Electrical Machines and Power Transformers

  • Magnetic Circuits – Analysis and Design of Power transformers
  • Construction and testing.
  • Construction,
  • Excitation methods.
  • Circuit models.
  • Armature reaction and commutation.

2. Power systems

  • Types of Power Stations, Hydro,
  • Thermal and Nuclear Stations.
  • Pumped storage plants.
  • Thermal and Nuclear Stations.
  • Pumped storage plants.
  • Pumped storage plants.


  • Semiconductor device physics,
  • PN junctions and transistors,
  • circuit models and parameters,


  • Microprocessor architecture-Instruction set and simple assembly language programming.
  • Interfacing for memory and I/O.
  • Applications of Microprocessors in power system.


  • Types of modulation; AM, FM and PM. Demodulators.
  • Noise and bandwidth considerations.
  • Digital communication systems.
  • Carrier communication.
  • Frequency division and time division multiplexing,
  • A telemetry system in power engineering.


  • Power Semiconductor devices.
  • Thyristor.
  • Power transistor,
  • Inverters; single-phase and 3-phase.
  •  Pulse width modulation.
  • Sinusoidal modulation with uniform sampling.
  •  Switched mode power supplies.

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