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FLUID MECHANICS Class Notes GATE IES PSUs IES Master IES Master, Institute of Engineers is the best institute for Engineering Students provides coachings for GATE, PSUs, .IES.IES master academy established in 2011 and success story was very interesting best about IES Master 8 students selected in top 10 in 2015

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FLUID MECHANICS Class Notes GATE IES PSUs IES Master exam according to topics are given below…

Syllabus for PSUs exam

  • Fluids Stats
  • Fluids Properties
  • Pressure and Pressure Managements
  • Hydrostatic Force on Surfaces
  • Buoyancy and Floatation
  • Kinematic pf Fluids Flow
  • Dynamics of Fluid Flow
  • Dimensional and Modal Analysis
  • Boundary Line Theory (BLT)
  • Laminar Flow
  • Turbulent Flow
  • Flow Through Pipes
  • Flow through and Orifices and Mouth Pieces
  • Flow over Notch and Weirs
  • Flow Around Submerged Bodies Drag and Lift

Syllabus For GATE Exam 

  • Fluids Mechanic
  • Fluids Properties
  • Fluids Statics
  • Buoyancy Forces on Submerged
  • Differential Equation of Quantity and Momentum
  • Momentum and energy
  • Fluids Acceleration
  • Stability of Floating Bodies
  • Control Volume Analysis of Mass
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Viscose Flow of Impressible Fluids
  • Boundary Layer’Trublent Flow
  • Head Losses in File
  • Bend Through

Syllabus for ESE EXAM 

  • Fluids machine
  • Basic Concepts and Properties
  • Fluids Statics
  • Equation of Motion
  • The Viscous flow of Incompressible fluids
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flow
  •  Through Pipes and HEAD losses in pipe
  • Bernoulli’s Equation and Application

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