Electrical Engineering SSC JEE Previous Years Questions


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Electrical Engineering SSC JEE Previous Years Questions BEST notes for SSC JE exam preparation

Because more practice will help to increase  to get best marks in exam

Test series is very helpful for Engineering exams

Electrical Engineering SSC JEE Previous Years Questions exam related topics are given below…

Basic concepts :

  • Concepts of resistance,
  • Inductance,
  • Capacitance, and various factors affecting them.
  • Concepts of current,
  • Voltage,
  • Power,
  • Energy and their units.

Circuit law :

  • Kirchhoff’s law,
  • Simple Circuit solution using network theorems.

Magnetic Circuit :

  • Concepts of flux, mmf,
  • Reluctance,
  • Different kinds of magnetic materials,
  • Solenoidal, etc.
  • Electromagnetic induction,
  • self and mutual induction.

AC Fundamentals :

  • Instantaneous,
  • Peak,
  • R.M.S. and average values of alternating waves,
  • Representation of sinusoidal wave form,
  • Tank Circuit. Poly Phase system –
  • Star and delta connection, 3
  • Phase power,
  • DC and sinusoidal response of R-Land R-C circuit.

Measurement and measuring instruments :

  • Measurement of power (1 phase and 3 phase,
  • Both active and re-active) and energy,
  • Wattmeter method of 3 phase power measurement.
  • Measurement of frequency and phase angle.
  • Ammeter and Voltmeter (both moving coil and moving iron type),
  • Use of CRO,
  • Signal Generator,
  • CT, PT and their uses.Earth Fault detection.

Electrical Machines :

  • D.C. Machine – Construction,
  • Basic Principles of D.C. motors and generators,
  • Their characteristics, speed control and starting of D.C. Motors.
  • Method of braking motor, Losses and efficiency of D.C. Machines.
  • 1 phase and 3 phase transformers –
  • frequency and wave form on losses.

Synchronous Machines – Generation of 3-phase e.m.f. armature reaction, voltage regulation, parallel operation of two alternators, synchronizing, control of active and reactive power. Starting and applications of synchronous motors.

Generation, Transmission and Distribution

  • Different types of power stations,
  • Load factor, diversity factor,
  • Demand factor,

Estimation and costing : Estimation of lighting scheme, electric installation of machines and relevant IE rules. Earthing practices and IE Rules.

Utilization of Electrical Energy :

Basic Electronics :

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