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Civil Engineering–Made Easy Class Notes GATE IES IAS PSUs best notes for these exam for any query related notes and exams call us at 0120-4160241


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Civil Engineering–Made Easy Class Notes GATE IES IAS PSUs best  and latest topics according to exam are given below…

Chapter -1 Distinct Between Solids and Fluids

Chapter -2 Unit and Dimension

Chapter -3 Properties Specific weight, Gravity, Volumes, Temperature

Unit 2 Dimensional Analysis and Model Studies

Chapter -1 Dimensional Homogeneity

Chapter -2 Method and Buckingham

Chapter -3 Similitude and Model Cities

Unit 3 Fluids Kinetic S and Dynamic

Chapter -1 Flow Visualization

Chapter -2 Velocity of Field and Acceleration

Chapter -3 Stream Function

Chapter -4 Orifice Meter and Pi-tote Tube

Unit 4 Flow Through Pipes

Chapter -1 Shear Stress

Chapter -2 Hydraulic and Energy Gradient

Chapter -3 Pipes in Series and Parallel

Chapter -5 Major and Minor Losses in Flow Pipes

Unit 5 Boundary Layer

Chapter -1 Boundary Layer and Flate plate

Chapter -2 Thickness and Classification

Chapter -3 Boundary Layer Separation and Control

Chapter -4 Drag and Lift Coefficient

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