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Chankya IAS Coaching-History Optional Printed Notes-IAS and Civil services exam for best preparation to the aspirants any query call us 0120-4160241

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Chankya IAS Coaching-History Optional Printed Notes-IAS best for IAS and UPSC exam preparation. Chankya IAS academy specially made for IAS aspirants for best exam preparation and help to score better marks in exam .

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Chankya IAS Coaching-History Optional Printed Notes-IAS important topics for exam are given below…


  • Archaeology
  • Monuments
  • Primary and secondary
  • Poetry
  • Scientific Literature
  • Literature
  • Literature in Regional languages
  • Religious literature

Pre-history and Proto-history

  • Geographical factors
  • Hunting and Gathering (paleolithic and mesolithic)
  • Beginning of Agriculture

Indus Valley Civilization

Megalithic Cultures

Aryans and Vedic Period:

Statement of format of Mahajanapadas

Mauryan Empire

Post – Mauryan Period (Indo-Greeks, Sakas, Kushanas, Western Kshatrapas)

Early State and Society in Eastern India

Guptas, Vakatakas and Vardhanas: Polity and administration,

Regional State During Gupta Era

Themes in Early Indian History 

Early Medieval India, 750-1200: –

  • Polity: Major political developments in Northern India and the Peninsula,
  • Origin and the rise of Rajputs – The Cholas:

Cultural Traditions in India, 750- 1200: –

  • Philosophy: Skankaracharya and Vedanta,
  • Ramanuja and Vishishtadvaita,
  • Madhva and BrahmaMimansa

The Thirteenth Century: –

  • Establishment of the Delhi Sultanate: The Ghurian invasions –
  • factors behind Ghurian success –
  • Economic, social and cultural consequences –
  • Foundation of Delhi Sultanate and early Turkish Sultans – Consolidation

Society, Culture and Economy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries

  • Society: composition of rural society,
  • Ruling classes,
  • Town dwellers, women, religious classes, caste and slavery under the Sultanate

Culture in the Mughal Empire:

Mughal Empire in the Seventeenth Century

The Eighteenth Century: – Factors for the decline of the Mughal Empire


1.European Penetration into India

2.British Expansion in India:

3.Early Structure of the British Raj

4.Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule

5.Social and Cultural Developments

6.Social and Religious Reform movements in Bengal and Other Areas

7.Indian Response to British Rule

8.Factors leading to the birth of Indian Nationalism

9.Rise of Gandhi; Character of Gandhian nationalism

10.Constitutional Developments in the Colonial

11.Caste and Ethnicity after 1947

12.Caste Development and Political Change

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