Arunachal Pradesh is one of India’s states lying in the northeastern corner of the country and shares a disputed with China at the McMohan Line. The capital of the state is Itanagar. The state is notable for its antiquated culture called, “The land of Dawnlit Mountains” which basically justifies the name of the state. Also, the sacred writings like “Mahabharata” and “Kalika Purana” are the founded mentions of the state. The state is also known as the ‘orchid state of India’ and ‘paradise of the botanists’. It is believed that the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu, Sage Parashurama washed away his transgressions in the state which was called Prabhu Mountains back in the ancient age.

        Some of interesting facts about Arunachal Pradesh are mentioned below:
  1. The state is home to 20 major tribes with hundreds of sub-tribes. 65% of Arunachalis belong to tribes. Mostly of either Tibetan or Thai Burmese. As a consequence, in the modern days the state is one of the most linguistically richest and diverse regions in all of Asia.
  2. One of the world’s greatest hidden treasures in Tawang monastery which is the largest monastery in India and second largest of the entire world.
  3. Zero valley is 1058 sq. km. plateau with an incredibly scenic landscape and home to old ethnic tribes that still worship nature, the sun and the moon.

However, the literacy rate of Arunachal Pradesh in official figures has risen from 54.74% in 2001 to 66.95% in 2011. The literate population is figured at the number 789943. The number of literate males in the state is said to be 454532 (73.69%) and the number of literate females is figured at 335411 (59.57%).

Arunachal Pradesh Public Services Commission (APPCS) is an exam authorized by the state government for entry-level appointments. The Public Service Commissions (PSC) in India are constitutionally mandated (Articles 315 – 323) to assist the respective state governments in matters of recruitment, transfers and disciplinary actions. To crack the exam one must take proper coaching classes which contains the best possible characteristic features. Let us look at some of the best ranking coaching centers accordingly.

In the first place of the Best PCS Coaching Centers, we have:


ALS IAS Academy holds the 1st position when it comes to choosing the best coaching institute in Arunachal Pradesh. This institute ensures that the training, teaching and coaching definitely makes a student confident by understanding their drawbacks and strengths. Their faculty members provide the best classes with adequate shot study material which helps the candidates to understand the pattern of exams.

During the current situation, referring to the pandemic when students are forced to sit back at homes, this reputed institution has come up with several activities such as, a guidance series which helps to keep a student engaged while ensuring productivity. The institution has come up with another activity which is an Android app for the students to make sure that the preparation does not get hampered and online classes are also being conducted.

                                                    Contact Details

                                                                             ALS IAS
Address ALS IAS, Whispering Cottage, Niti Vihar, VIP Ridge, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh-791111
Contact Number 07290066394
UPSC Notes Study Material, test online, Offline
Email id


In the second place of the Best PCS Coaching Centers, we have:


The second ranked in the above mentioned category if the Objective Classes. In a few of the last years, it has been said that many students have cracked the entrance after taking classes from this coaching institute. They conduct regular doubt clearing classes which helps to develop and gives strength to the powerless, shy students who are introvert and afraid to speak out in front of others. They also conduct online classes during emergencies and crucial times like the pandemic. They help students individually so that each and every candidate is keeping up with the pace. They conduct doubt clearing sessions and daily test series.

                                                      Contact Details

                                                                   OBJECTIVE CLASSES
Address  PCS coaching centre, Cona County, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh: 791111
Contact Number 078238 09195
Fee Structure PCS coaching+General Studies: 36000+1,23,000
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In the third place of the Best PCS Coaching Centers, we have:


Dhyeya IAS Academy is acknowledged to be one of the best teaching community in Arunchal Pradesh. The primary concern of this foundation is to deftly merge all the candidates with the least problems and along these lines the foundation intends to give the most effortless training to each analyst who picks this association for their PCS training. The affiliation offers the most direct teaching to each student and that they offer extraordinary guidance to each other. The institution will totally offer you the one among the most direct preparing and make them the best of the researchers.

                                             Contact Details

                                                           DHYEYA IAS ACADEMY
Address 635, Ground Floor, Main Road, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi: 110009
Contact Number 9205274741
Fee Structure Not available
UPSC Notes Study Material, test online, Offline

The above mentioned were the top three ranked coaching center for taking PCS training.

Now let us discuss some of the questions which are frequently being asked. They are as follows:

Q1. How to score good marks in PCS?

A:  The correction guarantees that whatever you are perusing or learning, it always remains with you. It brings certainty, clearness and guarantees that you are up with the themes that you have perused up until now. Competitors must reexamine the PCS significant subjects for more compelling readiness. Interlinking the topics is the key to scoring more marks in the PCS exam.

Q2. What books are needed for PCS?

A: General Science, PCS Prelims General Studies, Magbook General Science, PCS Main Exam General Studies. Other than these, the coaching institutions provide study modules which are very useful and accurate .

Q3. How much time does it take to cover the PCS syllabus?

A: The PCS syllabus can take 1-1.5 years with a continuous effort alongside, it totally depends upon the candidate that how much he/she studies and on the other hand, specialists say to cover the IAS main syllabus first.

The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself” – Douglas MacArthur

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