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Best NEET Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

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NEET Coaching

NEET Entrance:- NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which is an entrance examination in India, for those medical aspirants who want to study graduate &  postgraduate medical course and a dental course in government or private medical colleges respectively in India, and this exam required excellent strategies and training session for cracking this exam’s wall but the main thing is how to find out the best institute for this, because there are countless coaching centers with the guaranteed report, that they are the best for this or any kind of competitive examination.

Medical student, for this basically take help of online sources where they easily find out even get lot’s of information about the competitive institutes which are called themselves better than others, “Google search” sometimes become the big hurdle during the selecting game of best coaching, because it feeds you with so many options and left you all alone in this puzzle situation, even parents also don’t want to waste their money or don’t want their kids to trap in a fake institute’s pattern, and that’s why this magazine is prepared which will guide or navigate you to your right training arena for NEET Entrance. Best NEET Coaching in Hyderabad Report.

Information Collecting Sources:-

Although there are countless options on the online platform for your question, which one is best, this thing always create a difficult situation for parents as well as for their kids, and just because of this purpose our “Analytical Team” is here, first they search all the best even excellent NEET coaching centers in Hyderabad, which is not enough,  after collecting the plethora of details they move to the next step, there are many NEET coaching centers in Hyderabad but a particular candidate wants to know about the exact top 10- NEET  coaching centers list so that he or she can easily select one for themselves without any hesitation. So this Analytical Team of researchers after done with the digital sources like:-(Google, Just Dial, Sulekha, Quora for students’ point of view, Facebook, they all personally visit these NEET coaching & collect the whole accurate information from those students who currently studying or taking a training session from these coaching centers.

Popular Places for the NEET coaching centers In Hyderabad:-

Hyderabad considered to be the hub for NEET coaching and filled with many NEET centers, with well-known places like:- Himayat Nagar which is very famous for NEET coaching but are you sure only this place is good because Lingampalli, Narayanguda, Hyderabad is also known for the countless options for the NEET centers and if you go to  Padmarao Nagar there is also topnotch NEET institutes, these places is an excellent hub for this NEET preparation, so now which place or which academy to choose for the NEET Exam training session, this is the most important point at issue and that’s why this Best NEET coaching in Hyderabad Report is prepared, no one wants to stake their money or don’t want to waste their time just because of any wrong decision. That’s why here is the Best NEET Coaching in Hyderabad Report.

In the below section you all can easily get the list of Top coaching Institutions for the NEET exam in India, especially in Hyderabad, along with the precise details including:-

  • A little Information about the coaching
  • Fee range
  • Contact Details
  • Batch details
  • Other Branches in the area of Hyderabad,
  • Session timings. Etc.

Is it enough? Nope, candidates or their parents not only want to know about this because these details are easily available on any site, but this is not proper information this is just a navigation view which will lead students or navigate them towards that coaching center, a student wants to know about the real facts for example;-

  1. The team of excellent educators,
  2. What parents and students are expecting from the coaching centers, 
  3. Teachers/ professors qualification background. 
  4. The study materials are good or up to date or not,
  5. The educational facilities fall under the affordable fee range or not,
  6. Are they keep their informative panel updated or not,
  7. The staff is good or supportive or not,
  8. Do they provide individual attention towards to the average candidates,
  9. Is there any doubt clearing class,
  10. Which academy is providing all the excellent educational facilities under the reasonable fee structure,
  11. About their past track record,
  12. Are they work on the result-oriented session,
  13. How is the Study atmosphere,
  14. Their Hall of fame,
  15. The infrastructure is well equipped or not, and many other important details about any NEET coaching in Hyderabad.

So the list of Best NEET Coaching in Hyderabad is given below, just go through this, it’s basically made for your convenience, please have a look:-

Rank 1.Toppers Academy

Spark Academy is one institute that is offering the best NEET coaching in Hyderabad. Here is everything you need to know about the Spark Academy Hyderabad. A very special coaching institute for most of the students who prepare for NEET coaching Hyderabad. It’s not that easy for an institute to acquire a place in everyone’s heart. But this institute managed to do so. And it’s all because of the teaching staff available there. Just check out the features that SparK Academy Hyderabad incorporates by reading below.

Benefits of joining Spark Academy Hyderabad

The institute offers an environment where stress never surrounds the students. Though the NEET exam coaching in Hyderabad stresses you a lot. The institute always ensures that the students are actually working hard after relaxing their minds.

Attention is very important to the students especially when they are preparing for the exams seriously. If a student is given focus and attention, chances are there to see improvement in their preparations. Moreover, they can acquire guidelines instantly from experts when their performance is tracked incessantly. This will bring in a lot of changes and development in the way they prepare with the help of Best NEET coaching Hyderabad.

It is actually not possible to learned advanced topics without knowing the basics. No matter what the subject is, novice learners actually need to know about the nitty-gritty of the subject. Spark Academy knows it very well and they come up with a lesson plan that gives more importance for the basics.

There is no shortcut for success but shortcut methods can pave the way to success. Yes, the institute teaches the shortcut methods that will help them save time during examinations. It’s not that easy for any student to manage time if they don’t have a proper plan. Time management is very important and shortcut methods will certainly help by turning the clock in your favor.

Faculty members are very important for the Best NEET coaching in Hyderabad. The teaching faculty in Spark Academy has been doing a marvelous job without any hindrance.

Nearly ninety percent of the students from this institute has acquired seats in the top 10 colleges just because of the guidance that Spark Academy offered to the students.

No doubts in calling this institute the best NEET coaching Hyderabad. If you have read the above specifications and features, then you would certainly understand why this institute was acquired first place in Top NEET coaching in Hyderabad.

Not all students will understand the lessons when taught. Conflicts and confusions make way at any instance. Spark Academy has come up with a brilliant idea to clear the students’ queries regarding the subjects. Doubt clarification sessions would literally help the students.

Long Term courses are from 10 AM to 4 PM and regular courses are from  6 PM to 9 PM

Contact details
  • Address: 3-4-627, 1, Narayanguda Rd, Chitrapuri Colony, Bagh Lingampalli, Narayanguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500027.
  • Hours: Open 9 AM – Closes 8:30 PM
  • Phone: 091333 80172

Rank 2. Aakash Institute NEET

Students have dreamed of becoming a doctor which was fulfilled easily in the past. However, the entrance exam for Medical degree has made it difficult. One of the biggest barriers that the students would face is the NEET exam. Dr.Bhatia’s Medical Coaching Institute has been helping students to pursue their passion. The institute has become a helping hand for most of the students who are trying to clear NEET exams. The institute is leading the coaching industry by providing the best results in one of the toughest exams in the country. Being a good institute, it has always come up with quality coaching that never fails to help the students. The teachers help students to learn in a clear cut manner. Moreover, the institute also offers several features that are essential for any student who is preparing for NEET sincerely. No matter what, a student will always necessitate expert support at some point in NEET preparations. In such cases, the student has a bigger responsibility to choose the Best NEET coaching Hyderabad.

Contact details
  • Address: 6-1-103/103 CRPF lane, Near Pluse Hospital, Abhinav Colony, Musheerabad, Padmarao Nagar, Secunderabad, Telangana 500003.
  • Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Phone: 077025 83707

Rank 3.Venkat Reddy Medical Academy

Venkat Reddy Medical Academy has been doing a wonderful job. The institute has several features that have helped to gain the Best NEET coaching in Hyderabad. It’s just not the responsibility of a student but it’s a duty of the Best NEET centers Hyderabad to provide amazing coaching for the students. The students will certainly win the NEET exams if proper training is given by the expert team. When you think about attaining proper training for NEET, then Venkat Reddy Medical Academy is a place where you have to visit at least once. You will certainly understand the importance of acquiring a course there. The institute has proved it by obtaining an infinite number of seats in the NEET exams which was conducted this year. They take complete care of a student’s performance right after enrolling for a course.

If you want to know more about the Best NEET coaching in Hyderabad, then you should certainly rely on the report prepared by us. It comprises of an in-depth analysis regarding all the centers in Hyderabad. The information available on our website is reliable and you can actually pursue a course here.

Contact details
  • Address: 3, Himayat Nagar 14th St, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029.
  • Phone: 096180 32609

Rank 4. Spark Academy

Aakash Institute has acquired fourth place in Best NEET coaching Hyderabad. If you the reason behind the ranking, then you should certainly continue reading below. Moreover, you will understand the features and specifications this institute offers to its students. This is the destination for students who are dreaming of becoming a doctor in the near future.

Spending for a course is actually an unplanned expenditure. Most of the students would be scared to pursue coaching just because of the fees and charges. In Aakash Institute Hyderabad, students can study for free. Yes, you heard it right. The institute offers scholarships using which the students can acquire a course completely free of cost.

When it comes to competitive exams, you are not just competing with your classmate or students from your city. You will be running on track with students all over the country. It’s not easy to estimate in the first attempt. Aakash Institute offers you an opportunity to contest in All-India Level before you actually write NEET exams.

Awards are always motivating. Aakash Institute offers cash awards to the students who excel in their studies.

In today’s world, each and every place is conquered by technology and that includes the Best NEET coaching centers as well. The institute offers a computer-based test.

The students will be undergoing daily practice sessions just because they have several tests in the institute.

Here is how you can register for NEET coaching in Aakash Institute Hyderabad.
  • Get an application form and furnish your details.
  • Then wrap up the registration process by paying the exam fees.
  • Provide necessary information to finish enrolling yourself and get instant access to Daily Practice test
  • Acquire your ANTHE Admit Card in your profile after 1st October.

That’s it!!! What are you waiting for? Just start your successful journey with the help of Aakash Institute Hyderabad’s guidance.

Contact details
  • Address: 7-1-621/267 (48/3RT), 1st and 2nd Floor, SR Nagar Main Road, Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500038
  • Hours: Open 10 AM – Closes 7:30 PM
  • Phone: 098185 43543
  • Website

Rank 5.Focus Academy

Focus Academy is one institute which offers the best NEET coaching in Hyderabad. Here are the courses listed below for which students are enrolling on a large scale.

Long term coaching for NEET/JIPMER/AIIMS

Regular coaching will take place from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Demonstration during class is available. The course is taught completely in English and there are assessments as well. Nearly 273 students have enrolled for this course.

Exclusive Physics Classes of NEET and IIT MAINS

Students who have completed their schooling can join this course which takes place on a daily basis. However, your daily schedule will not be hindered at any instance as this course is available after college hours. The course is wholly available in English and the course includes assessments as well. At least, three hundred students have availed this course.

It’s now your choice to pursue a course that suits your requirements. At the same time, it should also help you to grow enormously.

Contact details
  • Address: 3-5-948/A, Narayanguda Rd, Gandhi Kuteer Colony, Narayanguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029.
  • Hours: Open 8.30 AM – Closes 8 PM
  • Phone: 099499 90507

So according to you these details are enough, this list satisfied your wits if not then this book is here and filled with the precise details and you all should go through this book before heading towards any NEET coaching centers for the admission process.

One more thing, these name of the best NEET coaching centers are taken from the best medical coaching list which link is already mentioned below:-

Rank 6.ALLEN Career Institute

Allen career insititute ranks sixth in top neet coaching in Hyderabad.The Allen career institute has various branches in India as well as in the prime locations of hyderabad.The top level syllabus notes along with practice papers and mcq solving is provided to the candidates appearing for the medical entrance examination.Due to the negative marking in NEET the candidates are thoroughly prepared on how to crack the examination and to score top score in Neet.

Lecture Classes

Lectures of 120 / 90 minutes each,are designed according to the pattern and level of NEET-UG and delivered by our highly experienced faculties.

Revision Classes

Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students.

Doubt Sessions

These sessions are regularly scheduled in Time Table and also arranged separately for those students who require extra assistance for clarification of their doubts. These sessions are optional.

Contact details

AddressWindsor Plaza, Office No.306, Third, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500044
Phone040 4856 6121
Reviews: 4.1 (21 reviews).

Rank 7. IGNITE

Ignite coaching academy ranks seventh in top neet coaching in Hyderabad.The ignite coaching academy tries to bring out the best from students and also give a string educational foundation to the candidates to produce wonderful results and to crack the medical entrance examination.The ignite academy for neet in hyderabad is one of the best coaching for neet services.

Study Materials

We provide free study materials and it includes best quality, self-sufficient & easy to understand study material and practice assignment with different types of questions to give students a complete exposure to concepts.


Our library is a modern, well stocked, open plan facility covering all the subjects. We have a number of special collections in the library.There are many resources in our Libraries to help you with your studies including.

Online Testing System

We facilitate custom web-based Testing services secure online Exams to your exact requirements with features such as time limits,randomize Questions, instant feedback, multiple choice, short answer, essay & more Question types.

Well Established Training Hall

The institute has adequate no of class rooms and places screens and other Short Term training programmes equipped with modern teaching and training aids with air conditioning facility.

Contact details


Beside Lucid Diagnostics, Nizampet X Roads, Hyderabad, 500090 Telangana,India.

Rank 8. GRAVITY Medical Academy

Gravity academy ranks eighth in top neet coaching in hyderabad.The gravity academy is one of the most reputed and oldest academy providind top coaching services to the medical entrance candidates.The gravity neet academy has all types of facilites available for the candidates to work on their skills and to develop the reasoning and learning skills.


Enjoying Homely Comfort, away from Home. Boarding Facilities Enjoying Homely Comfort, away from Home Feeling at home Education is all about developing a wholesome personality.


The fully air conditioned classrooms provide a conducive and comfortable environment where in the students are unperturbed by the changing weather conditions.


Our teachers and support staff play an active part in our education community and we consider them to be an integral part of the Quality Teaching Staff team.

Contact details


AddressHIG-64, BSNL Office Rd, HIG-64, KPHB Phase 2, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

Phone095158 95575

Rank 9.Prime Institute Of Medical Education

If you are searching for the best institute for your entrance exam preparation then prime insititute of medical institution is best for the medical entrance examination.The candiddates are given through practice and are taught in  a proper way for their way of achieving success. prime-institute-of-medical-education-neet-coaching-center-in-Delhi institute .It has different branches in many developed citites like  Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi,  Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Noida.


the courses provided by prime insititution of medical education are online as well as offline along with the preparation for mcq sessions and doubt solving sessions.The courses are also well organized along with top teaching technology and advance features provided by this academy.


Students can approach the library of prime-institute-of-medical-education-neet-coaching-center-in-Delhi for the missing lectures and notes. Students can approach the staff members whenever they get doubts they can clarify the doubts as there Is no online sources are available in this institute. Test series are conducted by the Prime institute for giving students the best education.


Contact details


Address6-1-103/2, 2nd Floor, Padmarao Nagar, beside Pulse Hospital, Hyderabad, Telangana 500025
Phone094918 70237


Edurite coaching academy ranks tenth in top neet coaching in hyderabad.The edurite coaching academy provides top facility and coaching to the candidates to crack the examination.Multiple batch sessions and top training is provided to the teachers along with the well developed environment and infrastucture to develop the skills and top learning skills.

  • Live Online Classes: The edurite academy provides online as well as offline coaching.The Live online lectures are provided by edurite academy which saves time of the candidate and also provide online notes to the candidates with good time management schedule.
  • Tutors with good experience: The tutors are experinced and with the help of live lectures the interaction between students and teachers are available with one to one interactive sessions and classroom programmes.
  • Notes-the candidates are also provided with top class notes along with answer writuig practice and mcq solving sessions.The handwritten and printed notes are provided to the candidates ..

Contact details

AddressD.No.16-11-730/4/A/201,202, Vanijya Vihar, Dilsukh Nagar Main Rd, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500060


Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM Mon
Phone040 2416 0964

 Frequently asked questions

How many attempts are there in NEET 2020?

NEET Number Of Attempts 2020

As per the regulatory board for NEET exams, the NTA (National Testing Agency), there is no restriction on the number of attempts for the NEET 2020 exams. This is in conformity with the statement on the NEET official website by the CBSE – “There is no cap for the number of attempts”.

Has anyone got 720 in NEET?

“Soyeb Aftab of Odisha and Akansha Singh of Delhi have both scored perfect 720 score in the NEET examination. However, as Aftab is older, he has been ranked at the top in the national ranking,”.

How can I crack NEET in 2 months?

Revise the notes & diagrams in NCERT from the NEET syllabus. Make notes on topics that you tend to forget quickly. Stick it on the walls or furniture that you look at more often and revise some of it every day. Topics like Morphology of plants, animals, and plant diversity are vital for NEET.

How many hours do Neet toppers study?

6 hours
Toppers generally stick to a schedule with an average 6 hours self-study every day.

How can I crack NEET in first attempt?

This will attune candidates with the pressure of the exam and complete the paper in three hours time. The mock tests should be of the same time frame as the NEET exam. Solve previous year papers- Practicing last years’ question papers is essential for candidates aiming to crack NEET-UG in the first attempt.

How can I clear my NEET in one month?

  1. Preparing A Timetable. The next step is to prepare a 30-day schedule until the NEET 2020 exam day. …
  2. Revision. The first thing to be incorporated in your schedule is, ample time for revision. …
  3. Mock Tests.
  4. Learning From Your Mistakes.
  5. Recreational Activities.
  6. A Good Night Sleep.
  7. Stay focused.

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