Best Faculty for Geography UPSC Optional

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Here we mention all the best faculty for Geography Optional. All the faculties always support all the aspirant in very good manner for better preparation of Geography Optional exam.

Best Faculty for Geography UPSC Optional

Geography is one of the most preferred optional subjects to score in the Civil service examination. The IAS examination requires a lot of hard work and best guidance and choosing the best optional subject can help the aspirants to score excellent grades. In this article, we have provided detailed information about the top faculty members for Optional subject geography through practice and conceptual learning process.

Choosing the best faculty members for your preparation is very crucial. The candidates can also refer to their notes along with video lectures and weekly assessments thorough preparation, general instructions for geography along with online admission process is provided to the candidates.


Geography is one of the important subjects in the UPSC examination. The scoring subject has an easy syllabus with basic details and general knowledge about different geographical locations. Even if the candidates don’t opt for geography, the candidates cannot crack the IAS examination with the best grades.

In this article, you will read about the syllabus of Geography for the IAS exam – prelims, mains, and optional. The geography syllabus for UPSC is given in detail below.

Geography syllabus

  • Indian Geography
  • Human geography
  • World geography
  • Physical geography


List Of  Geography UPSC Optional Teacher

Here we mention all the list of Geography UPSC Optional Teacher. All the teacher are very helpful and supportive for better preparation all the student who is preparing for civil services examination.

  • Anshum Verma

Anshum Verma Geography faculty

Anshum Verma Geography faculty

Anshum Verma Geography, Environment & Ecology UGC Net Qualified is best faculty of Yojna IAS. They have many experience for Providing coaching of geography optional for better preparation of all the aspirant.

If you want to clear you exam Anshum Verma is the best faculty for Geography Preparation. They always inspire all the students towards their goal of clearing exam. Optional subject are very important part of all the student so best faculty is very important and Anshum Verma is one of them.

  • Alok Ranjan

Alok Ranjan sir Faculty of  Geography Optional UPSC Coaching

Alok Ranjan sir Faculty of  Geography UPSC Optional

Alok Ranjan is considered one of the best faculty for geography holding the degree of human rights. The knowledge of geography is unmatched. The candidates can attend his sessions for the best geography optional subject preparation. The students at Digmani educations have experienced sir teaching and reviewed as one of the evergreen teaching faculty with immense skills and best study material provided. Sir is considered as one of the best faculty among UPSC for geography optional syllabus preparation.

Sir has also Worked with UNEDP as Project Director on River Pollution in India. With the best coaching, the students have received excellent scores UPSC CSE includes AIR 34, AIR 38, AIR 39, and many more. Alok Ranjan is also a member of the bar council of India.
  • Khan sir

Khan sir Faculty of  Geography Optional UPSC

Khan sir Faculty of  Geography UPSC Optional

Khan sir is among the best coaching faculty member for geography preparation. He started teaching Civil aspirants with excellent skills and has 10 years of experience in training candidates with good command and comprehensive skills in geography. Sir has trained more than 100 students, with excellent feedback and helped them to clear the optional subject preparation with ease.

  • Prof. Majid Husain

Professor Majid Hussain is well acknowledged in the field of geography. Sir has trained many candidates to score best grades with experience of more than 40 years. Sir is also the author of best-selling books n geography for UPSC preparation. If candidates want to score the best grades then taking sir’s coaching will be the best choice for you.

Toppers Shailender Singh (AIR 38), Gautam Jain (AIR 59), Prajit Nair (AIR 87), Swaran Prabhat (AIR 105), Soumyadip Bhattacharya (AIR 147), Anjani Kumar Singh (AIR 392) are all Majid sir’s students with a great foundation and cracked IAS with best grades.
However sir is now with us anymore, but the knowledge he left exits. The video lectures along with recording and study material are still accessible and the candidates can score the best grades in geography through preparation.
  • Neetu Singh

Neetu Singh, Faculty of Geography UPSC Optional

Neetu Singh, Faculty of Geography UPSC Optional

Neetu Singh is one of the best tutors for geography optional subject preparation. The teaching skills along with weekly tests conducted by her institution helps the candidates to prepare for IAS optional subjects preparation. Test series with strong foundation courses along with experience is provided to the candidates with social development and multiple programs.

The students can also join the Direction IAS coaching academy through preparation along with best coaching and provision of general geography instructions. NEETU SINGH  is one of the best faculty for geography providing best conceptual study facility along with handwritten notes.

  • Shabbir sir’s

Shabbir sir’s, Faculty of  Geography UPSC Optional

Shabbir sir’s, Faculty of  Geography UPSC Optional

Shabbir sir has received many reviews, stating he is an excellent teacher. Sir has also provided the provision of demo sessions and updated syllabus preparation with conceptual and interactive sessions, With experience, sir is teaching the IAS aspirants for many years with engaging and easily understandable lectures.

The process of delivering lectures is very important. Shabbir sir is well experienced and involves visual representation in his coaching programs with ease and remembrance of the subject. He also guides the candidates to develop answer writing skills and last-minute preparation as well.

  • Praveen Sir

Praveen sir also famous faculty for geography optional IAS Coaching in Delhi. With the help of Praveen Sir student increase their chance to clear their exam also Praveen Sir is very helpful and supportive for all the aspirant in Delhi.


Frequently asked questions

Q1. How should I prepare for IAS?

The candidates need to choose excellent coaching faculty and the right schedule in order to crack the IAS examination. However, self-study with strong determination and hard work can also help the candidates to score the best grades.

Q2. What is unique about the IAS program?

IAS examination is conducted by UPSC board members. The examination consists of three rounds of mains, prelims, and interview sessions. the uniqueness of the IAS examination is that the candidates are representing public affairs and working towards the betterment of the country.

Q5. Are the UPSC dates for the IAS exam released?

Yes, the UPSC has released the dates for the 2021 civil services exam. The IAS Prelims will be held in June.

Q7. How do I choose the best faculty for the UPSC Prelims?

Listed below are the best optional subject faculty members for UPSC prelims.

  • Kulbhushan Singh
  • Anshum Verma
  • Alok Ranjan
  • Pankaj Singh
  • Majid Hussian


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