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SOCIOLOGY Printed Study Material BY Upendra Sir notes exam wise topics are given below…

1. Sociology – The Discipline:

      1. Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology.
      2. Sociology and common sense.
      3. The scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences.

2. Sociology as Science:

      1. Major theoretical strands of research methodology.
      2. Non- positivist methodologies.
      3. Fact value and objectivity.

3. Research Methods and Analysis:

  1. Techniques of data collection
  2. Qualitative and quantitative methods.
  3. Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability and validity.

4. Sociological Thinkers:

    1. Mead – Self and identity.
    2. Robert K. Merton- Latent and manifest functions, conformity and deviance, reference groups.

5. Stratification and Mobility:

      1. Concepts- equality, inequality, hierarchy, exclusion, poverty and deprivation.

6. Works and Economic Life:

      1. Social organization of work in different types of society- slave society, feudal society, industrial /capitalist society.

7. Politics and Society:

      1. Sociological theories of power.

8. Religion and Society:

      1. Sociological theories of religion.

9. Systems of Kinship:

      1. Family, household, marriage.

10. Social Change in Modern Society:


A. Introducing Indian Society:

(i) Perspectives on the study of Indian society:

(ii) Impact of colonial rule on Indian society :

B. Social Structure:

(iii) Tribal communities in India:

(iv) Social Classes in India:

(v) Systems of Kinship in India:

(vi) Religion and Society:

C. Social Changes in India:

    1. (i) Visions of Social Change in India:
    1. (ii) Rural and Agrarian transformation in India:
    1. (iii) Industrialisation and Urbanisation in India:
    1. (iv) Politics and Society
    1. (v) Social Movements in Modern India:
    1. (vi) Population Dynamics.
    1. (vii) Challenges of Social Transformation:

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