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Printed Notes of Commerce and Accountancy by Rankers’ Coaching. So many commerce students are confusing what they choose and which institute provides the best accountancy classes for UPSC exam preparation. These notes are of 2016/17 edition and helpful for the 2018 examination.,some pages are handwritten.

The Commerce Printed Notes by the Rankers coaching, this book has all the tricky and catchy techniques for your excellent preparation. In this book, you will get all the answers for your all puzzle questions even it’s going to blow your mind with its proven tricks. This book’s main purpose is to ease your burden a little and this book doesn’t follow the monotonous process. It’s fresh and well researched, but there is only one flaw which is all about its print, yes the print which is a little blurry not that much hazy but blurry. Everything is exceptionally good but the print is not. And the refund option will not be countable in the process. This is the most preferred book because of its peerless techniques.

Some important points about Rankers coaching and its notes.

1.Rankers Coaching is one of the best and has experienced teachers for accountancy classes. its notes very helpful for UPSC and Civil services examination.

2.Rankers Coaching conduct best accountancy classes with discussion and also provide best accountancy notes for exam preparation

3.Rankers Coaching emphasizes complete full syllabus by experts, For practice, provide the latest pattern of exam, Regular tests, real corporate practices, get their question answers by best teachers, developed students personality for interview.
4.Commerce and Accountancy is the safe subject as optional for commerce background candidates. This very clear for commerce candidates they should choose Commerce and accountancy because they have knowledge about as compare to choose another subject

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Printed Notes of Commerce and Accountancy by Rankers’ Coaching important and beneficial notes for UPSC exam preparation…

1. Taxation(Assessment ) 26th edition year- 2016/17

  • Scanner
  • Residential Status
  • Salaries

2). Financial Management and Markets year- 2016/17

  • Nature & scope of FM
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Cost of Capital
  • Capital structure Planning
  • Divided Policy
  • Working Capital Management
  • Corporate Restructuring

3. Human resource management (11th Edition) year- 2016/17

4.Industrial relations( 11th Edition) year- 2016/17

  • Meaning, Nature
  • Formation of Trade Unions
  • Nature of Industrial Disputes

5.Organisation theory (13edition) year-2016

  • Nature of Organisation
  • Organization Goals
  • Evolution of Organisation Theory

6.Organisation behavior year- 2016/17

  • Meaning & concept of organization Behaviour
  • Personality
  • Perception

7.Cost accounting. (Commerce and Accountancy) 9th Edition  year- 2017/18

  • Meaning, Nature & scope of HRM
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment Process
  • Training & Development process
  • Performance appraisal
  • Salary & wage administration, Job Evaluation
  • Employee welfare,pRomotions,Transfers & Separations

8. Financial Institution year-2016/17

9. Audit

Total Number Of Page’s:- 2575

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