Polity Notes For UPSC IAS Complete Notes Download Version


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  • Polity Sep22-June23-Hindi

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Polity Notes For UPSC IAS Complete Notes Download Version


Polity is an important subject, especially in civil service. Polity plays a crucial role in the 3 stages of UPSC civil service examination –

Prelims Exam,

Mains Exam,


Even after the one getting into service, the significance of the subject is carried forward as it forms an important part of the administration.

What is Polity?

The system of Government is called polity which is midway between democracy and oligarchy.

Polity deals with the functioning of the government in the country.

This gives an understanding of the legislative, executive, judicial systems and various constitutional authorities in the country.

Compared to previous year, Polity is moving towards governance and public administration type questions eg-

Chief Secretary,

Gram Nyayalayas.

How to Study Polity for UPSC?

The Constitution is the bible of CS student.

Read the articles thoroughly. help you to build a basic understanding of each Article.

Repeated reading is necessary for this process.

The more times you read the more you would remember.

Prepare a short note with highlighted keywords and relate them to a current issue in a pragmatic way.

The aim should be abstracting the relevant information according to UPSC syllabus the essence, not to mastery over a topic.

Refer the UPSC previous year papers and start solving question papers.

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Areas of focus in Polity:-

  1. Preamble,
  2. Schedules,
  3. Constitution of India,
  4. Citizenship,
  5. Fundamental Rights (FR),
  6. Fundamental Duties(FD),
  7. Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP),
  8. Union,
  9. Parliament,
  10. Judiciary,
  11. State Government- State Executive,
  12. State Legislature,
  13. Administration of Union Territories (UT),
  14. Emergency Provisions,
  15. State- center and interstate relations,
  16. Panchayati Raj and municipalities,
  17. Constitution Bodies,
  18. Non-Constitutional Bodies,
  19. Tribunals,
  20. Special Provisions for SC’s, ST’s, Backward Classes, Minorities, and Anglo-Indians,
  21. Current affairs.


So you all can now familiar with its importance and through these notes, you all can easily grasp the important topic with the concept clearing pattern.

Polity Notes For UPSC IAS Complete Notes Download Version is here to help you even give you unbreakable wings so that you all can easily fly with the excellent understanding of conceptual knowledge of this subject.

These notes are in E-form which means you all don’t have to go anywhere just open your lappy or phone and click on the link and start your excellent preparation on your own pace.

Don’t miss it and start learning with the digital flying colors.


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Polity Notes For UPSC IAS Complete

  • Polity Sep22-June23-Hindi

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