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NCERT Geography

In UPSC, Geography plays the very harsh & crucial role & this will happen when your preparation is not perfectly done. In UPSC, geography questions are basically followed the two pattern which is Analytical & application.

This subject focus on the one connection which connects people, places & earth- covers all the spheres, make us understands the whole world on the social & economic parameter.

This subject syllabus splits into two parts:-


  • Indian Geography


  • World Geography


The Basic idea about India

Physical features of India

River system

Climate in India

Minerals & industries

Agriculture & allied

Natural vegetation & fauna

Economic infrastructure

Human geography

If you check the previous year UPSC question paper you will find out one major thing which is 15- 20 % questions were asked from this subject, means 15 to 20 % weightage is given from this subject.

The main factor is about learning and reading these bulky books and marking process makes us wasting our time & that’s why this online site is here.

So that you don’t have to go anywhere for your coaching and don’t have to run after to someone for your difficult situation, all you need to do is turn on your pc, laptop, mobile and gadget which gives you an access for this online world, And then you can start your preparation without wasting your time.

Video lectures gives you the best opportunity for learning from the highly educated and experienced teachers without visiting them, only you have to select your study corner and sit there with your lappy on your lap and then just press the play option and your remarkable study voyage will starts.

Video lectures do not only teach you but give you an opportunity for self-study and self-testing.

This is the new way of teaching and learning difficult things, in a new way with new techniques.  

Everyone waiting for you, come & join us and fly with us in this digital world.

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