Maharashtra Current Affairs Pdf Free Download


Maharashtra Current Affairs Pdf Free Download 2019


Maharashtra Current Affairs Pdf Free Download

The competitive exam is such an exam in which knowing the complete syllabus as per the exam pattern is very necessary. As the students are taking preparation for various upcoming competitive exams in 2019-20. They need completely the best preparation for them. And for the best preparation, the best book’s guidance is important. Appearing in the exam and getting back with unsuccess is not at all good. As per our many year’s observation, the reasons for most of the student’s unsuccess are bad preparation, which mostly happens due to the worst books. If you are also an aspirant for upcoming exams. For your solid preparation, you may read our latest Maharastra Current Affair’s books at our Maharashtra Current Affairs book’s portal. This book is prepared with very careful analysis. It includes your entire Current Affair’s syllabus. A book syllabus is nothing but the table of content, which gives us information about the topics that are summarized with important information  A good book gives you a good table of content and informative summary. Our book is that a good book, which is filled with lots of updated information gives you ideas about different topics and chapters. The book contains the main syllabus of general Indian History, Polity, and Geography.

  • History Part: Over the years the pattern of exam is changing but our Maharashtra Current Affairs gives you info from basic, moderate to tough. The book covers the main part of the ancient, medieval and modern history of India, History of different empires and kings, struggle for National Indian Movement, about Indian Archeological beauty, etc. 
  • Polity Part: the civic part gives you the info of Constitution & Non-Constitution, all the Central and State Executives, basic Fundamental Rights, Central & State affairs and relation, Social Justice, Legislative, Indian Policies, Bills and Acts, etc.
  • Geography Part: The vast geography contains all the necessary upcoming exam-related topics like vegetation, soil, main drainage systems, economic geography, human geography, about stars, sun, and planets, etc.

Maharashtra Current Affairs cover Topics December 2019

Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2019 to Ms. Shaheen Mistri (Maharashtra)

Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2019 is awarded by Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation to honor the Gandhian warriors.

Source: The Indian Express, Lucknow edition, 2nd Dec’2019


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