IGNOU- BA Public Administration Development Administration Downloaded version



IGNOU- BA Public Administration Development Administration Downloaded version

IGNOU-BA Public Administration Printed Notes is a complete study material for UPSC, Civil Services aspirants. IGNOU BA Public Administration  is included total six booklet EPA01, EPA03, EPA04,EPA05,EPA05 & EPA06. This note is best for IGNOU BA, UPSC  exam preparation.

IGNOU- BA Public Administration

  contents as follows…

EPA03 – Development Administration

Unit 1- Development Administration:Concept & meaning

Unit 2 –   Scope And Significance

Unit 3 – Evolution

Unit 4 – Growth of Development Administration

Unit 5 – India’s Socio-economic Profile at independence

Unit 6 – Mixed economy model and it’s rational and significance

Unit 7 – Role of Planning

Unit 8 – Goals of development

Unit 9 – Planning commission and national development council

Unit 10 – State Planning machinery

Unit 11 – District Planning

Unit 12 – Grass roots planning

Unit 13 – Role of bureaucracy

Unit 14 – Colonial heritage of indian bureaucracy

Unit 15 – Social Background of indian bureaucracy

Unit 16 – Neutral versus committed bureaucracy

Unit 17 – Bureaucrats and politicians and their relationship

Unit 18 – Enhancing Bureaucratic capability

Unit 19 – Concept of democratic decentralization

Unit 20 – Evolution and role of Panchayati Raj

Unit 21 – Emergent pattern of Panchayati Raj

Unit 22 – Problems and prospects of Panchayati Raj

Unit 23 – Role of voluntary agencies

Unit 24 – Co-operatives and development

Unit 25 – Specialized Agencies for development

Unit 26 – Evolution and expansion of public sector

Unit 27 – Forms of public enterprise

Unit 28 – Role of development Corporation

Unit 29 – Administrative problems of public sector

Total number of page’s -323


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