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Economy Handwritten Class Notes-Upendra Anmol-IAS Exam topics are given below…

Advanced MicroEconomics: 

Marshallian and Walrasian Approaches to Price determination.
(b) Alternative Distribution Theories: Ricardo, Kaldor, Kalki
(c) Markets Structure: Monopolistic Competition, Duopoly, Oligopoly

Money – Banking and Finance:

  • Demand for and Supply of Money:
  • Money Multiplier Quantity Theory of Money (Fisher, Pique, and Friedman) and Keynes
  • Theory on Demand for Money, Goals, and Instruments of Monetary Management in Closed and Open Economies. The relation between the Central Bank and the Treasury. Proposal for the ceiling on the growth rate of money.

Advanced Macro Economics:

International Economics:

  • Comparative Advantage
  • Terms of Trade and Offer Curve.
  • Product Cycle and Strategic Trade Theories.
  • Trade as an engine of growth and theories under development in an open economy.


(b) Forms of Protection: Tariff and quota.

  • Price versus income, income adjustments under fixed exchange rates,
  • Theories of Policy Mix
  • Exchange rate adjustments under capital mobility.

Growth and Development:

(a) Theories of growth:

  • Harrod’s model,
  • Lewis model of development with surplus labor
  • Balanced and Unbalanced growth,
  • Human Capital and Economic Growth.

Planning and Economic Development:

Human Development Indices

Renewable and Non Renewable Resources

2. Indian Economy after Independence: 

A The Pre Liberalization Era:

A The Pre Liberalization Era:

  • The contribution of Vakil, Gadgil and V.K.R.V. Rao.
  •  Agriculture: Land Reforms
  • land tenure system, Green Revolution and capital formation in agriculture,
  • Industry Trends in composition and growth,
  • Role of the public and private sector, Small scale and cottage industries.

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