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DIAS is a coaching institute in Delhi, provides coaching for Civil Services Examination (CSE) and Indian Forest Service Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.

DIAS Physics Notes Vol 1-8 for UPSC Exam by Vajpayee Sir is a resourceful study material for Physics optional. It covers the entire syllabus of Physics optional notes as per the syllabus of the UPSC Mains exam. For any query call us on 7678651778.


DIAS Physics Notes Vol 1-8 for UPSC Exam Vajpayee Sir notes content and best points are given below…

DIAS Physics Notes Vol 1-8 for UPSC Exam-Vajpayee Sir.DIAS Delhi Institute of Advanced Studies one of the best academy for guiding to Civil services exam aspirants and Indian Forest Service Examinations (IFoS), conduct by UPSC

Advantages of DIAS Physics Notes for IAS-Vajpayee Sir

DIAS students continuously score best marks in UPSC exam and Civil Services/Forest Service Examination from 2003 specially established for CSE and  IFS exam DIAS Physics Notes Vol 1-8 for UPSC Exam-Vajpayee Sir helps you.

Best institute for CSE and IES and it has an expert team of faculty this is the main reason students using DIAS notes for best exam perpetration.

Dynamic and renowned Civil services guru from D.P. Vajpayee, B. Tech IIT( Bombay), M.Phil (JNU), best and famous for His notes because he is the expert for Physics written in the simple and understandable language to the students

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DIAS Physics Notes CovTopicsces

1.Physics Vol-1 

a.Nuclear Physics-*Basic Nuclear Properties

b.Models Of Nuclear

c.Nature Of Nuclear Force

2.Physics Vol-2

a.Trignometric Identities-*Huygen’s Theory


c.Group Velocity

3.Physics Vol-3

a.Thermo Dynamics -*Thermometry

b.Kinetic Theory of Gases

c. Statical Thermo Dynamics

4.Physics Vol-4

a.Electromagnetism -*Electricity & Magnetism

*Electrostatics & Magnetostatics

5.Physics Vol-5

a.Matrix Multiplication -*Quantum Mechanics

*Atomic & Molecular Physics

6.Physics Vol-6  

a.Atomic Physics

b.Molecular Physics

7.Physics Vol-7

a.Mechanics-*Inertial Frame

*Non-Inertial Frame

8.Physics Vol-8

a.Solid State Physics & Miscellaneous




Total Page Number -1552

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