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Chemistry Printed Notes SSC Exam Preparation-Paramount notes best topics for exam are given below…

1.Renewable and non-renewable sources


3.Metal and Non Metal 

4.Synthetic Material and Uses of Every day life

5.Some Important ORES in SSC Exam 

6.Fuels and Their Composition for SSC exam

7.Common Names and Formulas of Important Chemical Compounds for SSC Exams

8.Chemical Formula & Uses of Some Important Compounds

9.Chemical Notes on Solubility and Colloidal Solution For SSC Exams

10.Chemistry Notes: Organic Compounds & Hydrocarbon

11.Chemistry Notes: Acids and Base

12.Chemistry Notes on Polymers & Chemical used in Medicine

13.Chemistry Notes on Chemical bonding for SSC Exam

14.Chemistry Notes on Atomic Models and Quantum numbers for SSC Exam


  • Thomson Atomic Model
  • Rutherford Atomic Model
  • Plank Quantum Theory
  • Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle:
  • De-Broglie Concept:

15.Atom, Molecule and Element

16.Isotopes and Isobars

17.Boiling Point, Melting Point

18.Battery, Corrosion

19.Renewable Non-renewable Natural Resources

20.Some important fuels and their compositions

21.Dating Techniques


23.Physical and Chemical Changes

24.Coal, Fire Extinguishers

25.Safety Matches

26.Alkaline Earth Metal and Their Compound 

27.Acids, Bases and Salts

28.Glass  and Different substances are added to obtain glass of different colour

29.Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide , Plaster of Paris and Portland Cement

30.Hardening of Oil (Hydrogenation)

31.Heavy water and Hard Water

32.Some Important Ores of Metals

33.Some Previous Year Questions asked in SSC Exam

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