Best UPSC coaching in West Bengal

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Best UPSC coaching in West Bengal Project Report, this report helps you to understand or lead you to the right and excellent coaching center for UPSC training, in this report you all will get the right and correct details about Faculty, their management, about their study booklets and new teaching pattern. their past records, Hall of fame mean to say about their success story, you all will get everything in this book that’s why it’s prepared or made.



Best UPSC coaching in West Bengal

CSE for recruitment for the posts of IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service, IPS stands for Indian Police Service, IRS stands for Indian Revenue Service, IFS stands for Indian Forest Service and these posts exams are conducted by the (UPSC) Union Public Service Commission every single year. UPSC requires a lot of patience, dedication and hard work as the whole UPSC training take more than a year. The exam is conducted in three Levels Best Top upsc coaching centers in Kolkata

  • IAS Preliminary
  • IAS Mains
  • Personality Test

As we all know about the nature of UPSC examination, this is the mother of all competitive exam and every year many students take part in this competition for winning this lottery but it’s not that simple as it sounds. In Kolkata, there are countless even topnotch coaching centers for UPSC training but the difficult part is to how to find the right one for UPSC preparation, and one of the heart-aching thing is its fee structure which starts with lacs one of the difficult and highest in fee pattern. and no one wants to face any difficult situation after taking the admission in the coaching, 

But no one knows how to get those details, in Kolkata, there are many topnotch even excellent UPSC coaching centers in Kolkata who are even better than each other, and that’s how it becomes toughest decision to take for which academy should opt for further preparing step.

Before staking your money on any fake or lame coaching center please go through this book this will help you how to choose even what parameters should be used during selecting your educational training arena. Through this Best UPSC coaching in Kolkata Project Report.

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Sources for collecting Major Details Best UPSC coaching in West Bengal:-

All the information is collected from the different and very popular sites, even the researchers first collect all the data from the online sources then they personally visit their centers and then talk to their students and collect the right and precise information from them, because everyone knows this, that students never lie about anything because if they are upset with the educational facilities they will tell those things clearly, and after having some chitchat session with the current students they jot down all the information in their DATA file, Analytical team just want to solve the maze of this UPSC coaching that’s why they work so hard so that no one feels stuck in any coaching center after going through the admission process. Digital Sources for collecting accurate details:-

1. Google

2. Just Dial

3. Sulekha

4. Quora(Excellent hub for the precise information)

5. Facebook and many other popular sites for this.

Famous Places for the Best UPSC coaching in West Bengal:-

Kolkata is considered to be the hub of UPSC coaching and have many UPSC centers, with well-known places like:- Salt Lake which is very famous for the UPSC academy but are you sure only this place is perfect zone for the UPSC coaching because Amarpalli Dum Dum Kolkata is also known for the many options for the UPSC centers in Kolkata and if you go to M.G Road Kolkata, West Bengal there is also excellent UPSC institutions, now the question strikes what should we choose or which one would be the great training arena for UPSC is the most important point at issue, That’s why here is the Best UPSC coaching in Kolkata Project Report is made for your convenience. UPSC coaching Kolkata

In the below section you all can see the Top coaching Institutions for UPSC exam in Kolkata, along with the accurate details including:-

  • Little description about the coaching
  • Fee pattern
  • Contact Details
  • Latest Batch
  • Other Branches in Delhi area
  • Timings of the session. Etc.

These are just the navigation pattern what actually students wants to know is mentioned below:- 

  1. A team of excellent educators,
  2. Are the mentors are experienced,
  3. What parents and students are expecting from the coaching centers,
  4. Are they well skilled in their teaching process,
  5. The study materials are up to date,
  6. Are they keep their informative panel updated,
  7. Which academy is providing all the excellent educational facilities under the reasonable fee structure,
  8. The staff of the academy is supportive or not,
  9. Individual attention towards the weak students,
  10. Any doubt clearing session available or not,
  11. The educational facilities fall under the affordable fee range or not,
  12. About the track record,
  13. Result-oriented process,
  14. How is the Study atmosphere,
  15. success stories and many other major details about any UPSC coaching in Kolkata is given in this book and the best UPSC coaching centers in Kolkata list is mentioned below, just have a look:- 


Rank 1. Apti plus

Apti Plus ranks first in the Top UPSC coaching centers in Kolkata listing. Now let’s check out the important features that make this institute to acquire the top place.

Meet the Apti plus team

You should certainly know about the faculty members who are behind the success of UPSC toppers.

  • Ayussh Sanghi (Indian Economy and Current affairs)
  • Ravi P Agrahari (General Science and Science & Technology)
  • Tarique Khan (History and Art & Culture)

Now let’s get to know about the Apti plus institute in detail. Apti Plus Academy is the best UPSC coaching institute Kolkata. Since the launch in 2005, the institute was offering quality education for IAS aspirants. The past result of this institute lets the students trust this institute completely.

Apti Plus institute’s main advantage is the test series and here are some of the plus points in joining the test series.

  • Comfort is the key and Apti plus knows it very well. The institute came up with an idea of convenient test timings. The test series will be available at the dashboard and students are allowed to take up the tests whenever they are free.
  • More than a hundred tests are offered which is way too high than any other platform.
  • The main aim of writing tests is to evaluate the student’s and Apti Plus delivers a precise test report and performance analysis for student’s view.
  • Apti Plus offers individual current affairs test and it is the only institute to implement this decision. Students will be writing two tests per month.
  • Students can write from wherever they are and the test series are available 24/7.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are several benefits for the students. However, students have to check out the e-book which we offer to know about the institutes in detail.

Contact details

  • Address:- BA – 46, 1st Floor, Salt Lake Sector – 1, Salt Lake City, Opposite Karur Vysya Bank, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064
  • Website :-
  • Contact Number :- 033 4006 9689, +91-8820341777
  • Fee :- General Science 1,18,000, 9 month Optional Geography, History,Sociology. Optional 35,400, 3month 

Rank 2. Vinson IAS

Vinson IAS is one of the best IAS academies which offers exceptional coaching to the students. The institute has several features that make the students enrol for a course and they have successfully come out with flying colour as well. Here are some of the benefits of joining this IAS academy.

  • the institute comprises of the best faculty and that is why the institute has obtained the second position in top UPSC coaching centers in Kolkata.
  • Moreover, the study materials students procure from this institute is exceptionally good and has helped the students a lot during IAS Preparations. Furthermore,  the students have a precise view of choosing the books for studies instead of checking out all the materials.

Contact details

  • Address:- Neelkanth Building.Flat-1C. Near Vardaan Market, 26, Camac St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016
  • Website :-
  • Contact Number :- 033-33015656 ,+91 8961696307
  • Fee :-  General Science 80,000 7 month Optional ,Public ,Political ,History ,Geography ,Account 3 month 35000

Rank 3. Dheyan

Dheyan IAS Academy is a renowned institute in as it offers the Best UPSC coaching in Kolkata. However, the institute has concerns that should be taken into account while evaluating this institute. First, let’s check out some of the shortcomings of the institute before getting to know about the advantages of joining this institute.

There is not much previous record of this institute. Any institute that we rely on should  have a success rate consistently and that would help us to know about the training quality. The past year result isn’t satisfactory in Dheyan Institute, especially for IAS.

The next criteria a student would look into is the information about faculty members. However, students are unable to find teachers who offer training in the institute. Study material is yet another concern for students who join in this institute.

Advantages  of joining Dheyan IAS institute

Though the institute has some shortcomings, this institute is named to be Top UPSC coaching centers in Kolkata. It definitely comprises of several features that makes it the best. Do check in our ebook to know about the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata.

Contact details

  • Address:-117, Dum Dum Rd, Motijheel, Amarpalli, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700074
  • Website :- 
  • Contact Number :- 089610 97463, 098310 97463
  • Fee :-  General Science 10 month 40,000 Optional Economics,Geography , 30,000 3month


Like all the institutes,  TICS Eduworld has pros and cons as well. Check about this institute which offers the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata.

Advantages of joining TICS Eduworld LLP for IAS coaching

The batch size of this institute is very helpful for the students which necessitate comfortable learning. Moreover, the institute has a good infrastructure which doesn’t deviate the students from learning. Studying would be the sole aim of students when they join here and it will never change until they crack UPSC exams with top ranks. In the meantime, TICS supports the students’ preparation for IAS exam. Apart from this, the institute stays on trend by altering the study materials and lesson plans for all the courses.

Things you need to look out

Though there are several benefits in joining the Top IAS coaching centres in Kolkata, you need to know about the drawbacks as well. Continue reading to know more about this institute.

the institute has a good team of faculty members but the training is not up to the ma. The institute’s coaching should be enhanced completely. According to the reports, TICS IAS needs to rope in experienced and qualified faculty to impart education at the best level.

As said earlier, the institute’s past year result comes under the drawbacks and it would be helpful to the student if you inquire about previous year success rate to the office before joining a course in this institute.

Contact details

  • Address:- 90/6-A M.G. Road YMCA Building 2nd Floor Room No 215 Near, College Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700007
  • Website :-
  • Contact Number :- 090889 93333, 8478043333,033 4064 4654
  • Fee :- General Science – 15 Month 1.20,000 Optional History,Geography, Sociology, 6month 25,000


MK IAS Academy is offering the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata.  However, you need to check out the salient features offered by this institute. MK IAS Academy is offering IAS courses that would certainly help the students to come out with flying colours in the UPSC exams. Moreover, the institute will also offer the best coaching with exceptional faculty members.

Contact details

  • Address:- Meena Florence, tower, 70136, Zakaria St, Chinar Park, Dash Drone, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700052
  • Website :-
  • Contact Number :- 084207 09094 , 9051624214, 033-6555-2525
  • Fee :- General Science 70,000 1 Year Optional,Sociology, Public Administration ,Economics 20,000 (4 Month )

Rank 6. Trademark IAS

The institute comprises of several benefits that make it the Top IAS coaching in Kolkata. Just check out the key features by reading below and decide whether you are going to join this institute or not.

  • From Prelims to final round interviews,  the institute offers the Best UPSC coaching in Kolkata.
  • The faculty here are not just professors, they are experts in particular domains and they have also appeared in UPSC exams previously. Moreover, the scored more marks as well.
  • Excellent study materials for better preparations. Moreover, the institute offers distance mode and classroom mode to make studying easier for the students.
  • The students will be mentored continuously to keep the motivated all day long as preparing for IAS is exhaustive at times.
  • Weekend batches are available for those who can’t attend the regular session that occurs on weekdays.
  • Writing skill is very important when it comes to UPSC exams, the institute is helping students to move forward with rigorous training for improving this special skill.
  • Regular tests are conducted for both Prelims and Mains exams. After the test, the students will be evaluated based on the way they answer and then valuable suggestions will be offered by the experienced faculty members so that the students will not repeat their mistakes.
  • Some of the special benefits of joining this institute include instant current affair update, weekly essay test and group discussion.

Courses offered

  • Full general studies package
  • CSAT
  • Essay
  • History and Political Science optionals

Contact details

  • Address:- Shri Aurobindo Sarani Road, Sovabazar-Sutanuti Metro Station, Jatindra Mohan Avenue Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700005
  • Website:-
  • Contact Number :- 089022 17435, 9433967792
  • Fee :- General Science + Optional 1Year,90,000,+1 Year free on one time payment,General Science -75,000 1 Year
    Political Science 

Rank 7. Impulse IAS Coaching

Impulse IAS coaching solely focusses on training whereas several institutions will comprise many Government exams coaching. Here is how Impulse IAS coaching is listed under the top IAS coaching centres in Kolkata. Just read below to about the coaching institute which offers the Best UPSC coaching in Kolkata.

  • The institute claims that it doesn’t provide coaching for money but to allow West bengal’s IAS aspirants to outshine in the IAS exams.
  • Impulse IAS believes in its strategy and offers considers it as the best plan to help out students. A person with strategy will certainly win as he or she will know what’s the next step whether the first one fails or succeeds, just because they have a strategy.
  • Impulse IAS coaching has a support team who will be available round the clock to help students.


Contact details

  • Address:- 1/1B, Hazra Road, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026
  • Website :-
  • Contact Number :- 033 2475 6644, +91 9903582403
  • Fee :- Optional 40,000 6month General Science – 1 Year 75,000


IAS Vision is an institute which is offering the best UPSC coaching in Kolkata. Moreover, the institute offers several courses that mainly targes IAS exams. Students can check out the e-book to know about the institutes in detail. From fees structure to coaching, each and every attribute is analysed accordingly. Students would certainly find this book useful.

Contact details

  • Address:- DB 45, 1st Cross Rd, DB Block, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Bidhannagar, West Bengal 700064
  • Website :-
  • Contact Number :- 096749 93435
  • Fee :- General Science 90,000 1 Year Optional 40,000 History ,Geography ,Sociology 


So these are the names of those UPSC coaching centres in Kolkata which are churned out after the excellent and tremendous research, and if you all want to know more even about the deep details about each academy Then don’t miss the chance just buy this book, before spending your lacs without any perfect plan.

These details are taken from;- Link is mentioned below,

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