Best IIT JEE Engineering Exam Coaching in Kota


If you all Engineering students want to know about the best IIT JEE Coaching centers in Kota, then you are at the right place, this book Best IIT JEE Engineering Exam Coaching in Kota has been prepared to help those students and their parents for selecting the excellent IIT JEE platform for the training session, and the details which are filled in this book are:- about the faculty detail, about the condition of the institute’s outer body, Fee range, comparison between the other coachings, study sources and booklets, latest technique for the preparation pattern, update informative panel, Individual attention, their success rate and hall of fame etc, if you all want to know more than you know which book can help you even navigate you towards the right direction.



Best IIT JEE Engineering Exam Coaching in Kota

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1 Best IIT JEE Engineering Exam Coaching in Kota

IIT JEE is one of the most common names of examinations that comes into mind whenever we think of engineering in this nation, an academic examination that is held round the clock annually in India. The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur was established in 1951 which is the first IIT Institute. Therefore being one of the oldest institutes in the nation, IIT JEE is one of the most well-known common Exams given by all non-medicos students in Kota for grabbing admission into the best universities all across the nation. Some of the Top Online IIT JEE Coaching in Kota offer students the appropriate proper training and knowledge which helps them crack the exam with flying colors. This article of Best Online IIT JEE Coaching In Kota can thus help you decide which coaching Institute suits you the best because that is a time-consuming task in itself.

Top IIT JEE Coaching In Kota 

A nationwide extremely fair competitive exam, IIT JEE has approximately 485,000 students aspiring every year to crack the exam as the competition is only getting fierce and fierce day by day. Best IIT JEE Coaching in Kota can help you overcome the hurdle to chose the coaching suitable for you. With a total number of seat availability being a drop in the ocean of 16,053 and with two stages of exam  JEE (Main) + JEE (Advanced), the number of candidates automatically drops down to roughly 1.5 to 2 lakhs. With wholehearted devotion and focus though, anyone can crack this exam, granted it still is a very tough competitive exam which is why Top Online IIT JEE Coaching In Kota is here to help.

Best IIT JEE Coaching in Kota

IIT JEE Exam Introduction :

According to statistics, over 90% of students who crack the IIT JEE exam, mostly attend coaching institutes. It has become a billion-dollar industry with the annual tuition raising up to ₹117,338. These coaching institutes are preferred because they conduct multiple tests in a week, have competitive vibes around – up to 200 students per class, with long hours of concentration, in addition, to help schoolwork. The examination is thus conducted each year by any one of the many IITs, in a round-the-clock rotation pattern. The examination has a very low qualification rate of approximately 0.92% about 11,000 out of 1,200,000, so that is why the competition gets undoubtedly fierce.

Eligibility For IIT JEE : 

Candidates’ ranking must be amongst the top candidates in the Paper-1 of JEE (Main), broken down as per the category. For example, for JEE (Advanced) 2019, the top 250,000 were eligible, but there were only 46.5% seats that were open for all, the rest all were reserved for special reserved categories. The age limit of the candidate is that he/she must be less than 25 years old, with the five-year relaxation for SC, ST, and PwD candidates. Candidates have the option to give the exam at most two times only in two consecutive years. Candidates’ qualification for the Class XII Board Examination (or equivalent) in the previous year is a must and Candidates should not have gotten a seat in any of the IIT earlier. Also, Candidates should have to have a minimum score of 75% mark and 65% for SC, ST, PWD.

Changes made in JEE (Advanced) in 2018 : 

There were some changes made to the exam in 2018 when The Joint Admission Board abbreviated JAB finalized to conduct the full exam ‘online’ from 2018, to hope to reduce the chance of paper leaks and making the logistics and evaluation much much easier. It also stated that the online exam will dissolve the problem of misprinting.

2021 Revised Schedule : 

  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 
  • Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test 
  • Joint Management Entrance Test 

Updated IIT-JEE Exam Pattern : 

IIT-JEE Syllabus 2021 : 

(Paper 1)

Mathematics- Complex numbers and quadratic equations, Matrices, and determinants, Sets, relations, and functions, Mathematical induction, Permutations and combinations, Mathematical reasoning, Limit, continuity, and differentiability, Integral calculus, Three-dimensional geometry, Differential equations, Binomial theorem, and its simple applications, Sequence and Series, Vector algebra, Statistics and probability, Trigonometry, Coordinate geometry


Section A- Physics and measurement,  Rotational motion, Thermodynamics, Kinematics, Work, energy and power, Properties of solids and liquids, Gravitation, Laws of motion, Oscillations, and waves, Electronic devices, Kinetic theory of gases, Current electricity, Communication systems, Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents, Magnetic effects of current and magnetism, Optics, Electromagnetic waves, Atoms and nuclei, Electrostatics, Dual nature of matter and radiation.

Section B- Experimental Skills.


Physical Chemistry- Some basic concepts in chemistry, States of matter, Atomic structure, Chemical bonding, and molecular structure, Chemical thermodynamics, Solutions, Equilibrium, Redox reactions, and electrochemistry, Chemical kinetics, Surface chemistry

Organic Chemistry- Purification and characterization of organic compounds, Hydrocarbons,  Chemistry in everyday life, Principles related to practical chemistry, Organic compounds containing halogens,  An organic compound containing oxygen,  An organic compound containing nitrogen, Polymers, Some basic principles of organic chemistry, Biomolecules, Inorganic Chemistry, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, Hydrogen, Block elements (Alkali and alkaline earth metals), P Block elements group 13 to group 18 elements d- and f- block elements, Coordination compounds, Environmental chemistry, General principle and processes of isolation of metals

(Paper 2)

Part 1- Awareness of persons, places, buildings, materials. Objects, Texture related to Architecture, and build-environment. Visualizing three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional drawings. Visualizing different sides of three-dimensional objects. Analytical Reasoning Mental Ability (Visual, Numerical, and Verbal).

Part 2-

Three-dimensional – perception: Understanding and appreciation of scale and proportion of objects, building forms, and elements, color texture, harmony, and contrast. Design and drawing of geometrical or abstract shapes and patterns in pencil. Transformation of forms both 2D and 3D union, subtraction, rotation, development of surfaces and volumes, Generation of Plan, elevations, and 3D views of objects. Creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions using given shapes and forms. Sketching of scenes and activities from memory of urbanscape (public space, market, festivals, street scenes, monuments, recreational spaces, etc.), landscape (river fronts, jungles, trees, plants, etc.), and rural life.

Part 3 (Planning)- General Awareness regarding development issues, government programs/schemes, etc., Comprehension, critical thinking and analytical skills, graphs, charts, and map reading skills, simple statistics, CBSE class X Social Science Topics.

Here Is a Small list of the Top IIT JEE Coachings In Kota :

To join a good coaching class is one of the most crucial parts that should not be overlooked.  The fear of examinations can be really tough to tackle but with the right direction and guidance, one can easily overcome this hurdle. With this article on the list of Top IIT JEE Coaching In Kota, you will not only get to know about all the information you would require to choose the right coaching institute for yourself but also you’ll learn about the importance of the exam and how you should start your preparation for this examination in your early teens.

The list of Best IIT JEE Engineering Exam Coaching in Kota is given below, Please have a look:-

  2. The Hindu Zone
  3. Bansal Classes
  4. ALLEN Career Institute
  5. Career Point 
  6. Vibrant Academy
  7.  Resonance
  8. RAO IIT Academy
  9. NarayanaIITAcademy
  10.  FIIT JEE

Rank No. 1 – 

Here’s one of the most leading academy in the nation which can mold your future to be really successful, is ranked as the number 1 coaching that provides right guidance for the NEET Medical entrance examination and IIT-JEE Entrance examinations. The academy has come a great way in helping many young students to reach super heights. Even though it is a new institute, it has made its name in such a way that aspirants from every corner of the nation- average or above-average wishing to crack JEE have as their utmost priority to get into, which is why it is ranked as the Number 1 Coaching Institute In Kota. has given an extremely excellent IIT JEE Examination Result over the past few years and if you search for the Best IIT  JEE Coaching anywhere is the Rank 1 IIT  JEE Coaching Institute and whilst preparing for the IIT JEE Examination you have to have to select the Best IIT JEE Coaching Institute having the Best Faculties. (Best IIT  JEE Coaching in Kota).

Highlights of : 

  • most ranked and talked about institutes– the has emerged out as the most prominent institute for education.
  • online classes- for aspirants with distance learning programs.
  • doubt classes- being held each and every week no student is left unanswered.
  • feedbacks- daily pdfs of the class materials are made available to the young minds so that they could study whenever they wish to, self-study is important.

Important Features of :

  •  various courses such as IIT-JEE, NEET, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad.
  • Study material – frequently updated with a well-described layout, in-depth creative explanations making it easy to understand for the young students.
  • develop their skills- boost their performance by encouraging and motivating techniques.
  • limited batch sizes- in order to ensure that no students are left unattended and provided with the utmost attention and focus.

Rank 2. The Hinduzone – Best Career Guidance Platform

The second most prominent coaching institute which has been providing the utmost perfect career guidance and assistance for the preparation of JEE Mains and other engineering entrance examinations, The Hindu zone, Kota has been conducting regular direction to maintain consistency and regularity amongst students. Here, the highly experienced teachers are very cooperative to help students and channelize their preparation in such an effective manner that helps them acquire their desired goals and motives for a successful career. It not only helps them with their overall development as an individual but provides them all required advantages to secure positive results.

Highlights of The Hindu Zone: 

  • limiting batch sizes the institute makes sure that no student feels small or unworthy.
  • exceptional quality study material and vast E-Library access at all times to every student, the institute makes learning a fresh breeze for these young aspirants.
  • great quality video lectures for distant students.
  • economical Coaching classes are generally very expensive but making education available to each and every student is the oath of the institute to not be resistant and charge students with hefty fees.

Online Coaching courses offered by The Hindu Zone

  • Recorded Video Lectures- Fast Track Course For IIT JEE 2020
  • Live Integrated Classes online for Class 11 & 12 –IIT JEE
  • Rank Boosting Test Series for IIT JEE 2020
  • Life aspire Crash Courses online for IIT JEE 2020
  • Live Online Integrated Classes for Class 9 & 10 including topics of CBSE, NTSE & Olympiads
  • Class 10 CBSE Boards related Live Online Classes
  • Platinum Course- Class 10 Video Lectures covering CBSE, NTSE & Olympiads
  • Platinum Course- Class 9 Video Lectures related to CBSE & Olympiads
  • Recorded Video Lectures- Fast Track Course For JEE 2020 in Mains & Advanced
  • Live Online Integrated Classes for Class 11 & 12 for JEE (Main & Advanced)

Rank No. 3 – Bansal Classes Institute For IIT JEE 

Bansal Classes started with the sole purpose make amends in the path of education in a perceived and delivered mannered, it also had the purpose to glamorize the teaching profession that attracted the most talented teachers to provide their knowledge to their students. All teachers at Bansal Classes proudly say that they are teachers by choice. The institute has developed a strong base of work ethic over a short period of time. The institute aims for perfection and excellence on all tasks undertaken by them that have developed a culture that facilitates this.

The institute is adamant to build a strong foundation of conceptual knowledge in students for being successful. It provides an excellent platform for the correct preparation with the help of the right guidance for competitive exams and board-level education as well. The core moral values of determination, trust, honesty, and concern for society and the environment are all closely interwoven into the fiber of the academic program of this institute has a very qualified faculty team that is committed to student’s wholehearted complete success and provide them with assistive surroundings that contribute to their social, cultural, academic, and all-round development Bansal Classes have a very significant education system.

Highlights of Bansal Classes : 

  • multiple courses such as Engineering, Medical, NTSE, Olympiads provided by the institute
  • constant help on their website also, the institute tries its best to be better by itself and help young aspirants with achieving their goals.
  • An excellent and experienced faculty shaping the young minds in the accurate proper way and path steering them in the right direction
  • unmatched catalog of multiple study materials which is updated on daily basis makes the classes enjoyable.

Important Features of Bansal Classes : 

  • The institute has a very fun, interesting, and interactive classroom ambiance and environment.
  • Each concept and chapter is taught in such great detail to students that it’s hard to forget
  • Solved examples and doubt sessions are held in class during lectures to solve all kinds of queries.

Rank No. 4 – ALLEN Carrer Institute for JEE Main 

ALLEN Careers a premier coaching institute for the proper preparation of JEE in Main+Advances, Pre-Medical (NEET-UG), Pre-Nurture, and Career Foundation from Class VI to X with NTSE & Olympiads. The institute is so well regarded because of the high-quality entrance exam preparation tricks and strategies that produce the best results as time has been passing. With the primary focus to build a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts in students for their success, the institute provides an excellent and great platform for the preparation of not only competitive exams but also board level education, the institute has been providing the best academic support with personal care to the young minds which have helped them meet their career goals, dreams, and objectives.

The institute has highly well-versed qualified and experienced faculties that are round the clock dedicated and committed to aspirants’ complete success and provide them with assistive surroundings that contribute to their social, cultural, academic, with all-around personality development. The institute has 26 study centers and over 120 classroom campuses, established in the year 1988 with the vision of Shri Rajesh Maheshwari, it had a very humble beginning with only 8 students but as time passed and the favorite Dr. K.G. Vaishnava, the eminent professor of Biology joined the institute, It became the only institute of its time that provided coaching for all the Science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics all under one roof. This strong association had become the foundation step of the revolutionary Pre-Medical coaching institute of the time.

Highlights of ALLEN Career Institute

  • online ALLEN Scholarship provided by the institute
  • online classes as per the norms the institute still has over 100000+ students studying online.
  • multiple courses suiting every student’s requirement.
  • various programs like the Online Test Series, Distance Learning Programme, TAB Elearning Tool, GATE Online Test Series, NEET-PG Online Test Series, OECD-Intellibrain provided

Features of ALLEN Career Institute

  • has its own fleet of apps catering to the needs to help students with everything related to their studies.
  • hostel facility provided for students who aren’t native to the city.
  • doubt removal sessions and student-parents counseling regularly in the institute.
  • special Board Exam Tips and Important tips, tricks, and strategies for exams provided to the young minds helping them with their knowledge of studies.

Rank No. 5– Career Point Institute  

Career Point initially incorporated to imbibe quality education to students that prepare for various competitive examinations, now has sky-high ideals and commitment to excellence in a way that Career Point has taken a shape of a new vibrant, dynamic, responsible, is one of the most successful coaching institutes in the nation. Career Point is well known for its quality of education imparted to students and their dedication towards their building the ladder of success.

Today, Career Point stands well apart and well above all of the rest of the competition embarked upon a vision and mission for the whole world of education through its outstanding services from pre-school to university.

Highlights of Career Point :

  • a unique way to deal with student’s doubts- there are various individual doubts removal counters that spread throughout the institution to eliminate hesitation of students
  • The updated study material provided to each and every student.
  • Video lecture libraries made available for students so they can study whenever they want.
  • Periodic tests held in the institute to test regularly student’s performance

Some Features Of Best Online Coaching In Kota 

  • Regular feedback is given to the students all based on their performance.
  • Daily practice sheets are given to students reducing the stress of exams
  • a distance learning program for students outstation
  • phases of programs such as Revision Classes, Board Revision, Revision Tests, Major Test, Rank Booster Program

Rank No. 6 – Vibrant Academy 

The mission of the vibrant academy is to unlock the opportunities for all the Medical and Engineering aspirants by creating a very versatile and competent learning system for them. The institute focuses on the modest cause of helping students all across the nation making them succeed in their professional careers like Medicine and Engineers. Vibrant Academy faculty members are very well versed competent strong and dedicated team devoted to their students round the clock.

The faculty has an ample amount of experience nurturing the students from the basic level then simultaneously making them adaptable to face the tough competitive exams in the most successful manner. Each classroom contact program is designed in such a way that the students, in each subject first attain the basic clarity and only then understand its applications by the graded set of assignments and problems and further practices them on their own which is checked by the sparkling minds of the faculty. The interaction between students and teachers is encouraged in order to provide a very healthy ambiance for growth and learning.

Highlights of Vibrant Academy : 

  • The institute has a very focused and dedicated faculty team that always ensures the betterment of the students.
  • Regular testing and full syllabus mock tests are held that helps the students eliminate their insecurities and fear of exams.
  • Study material is provided to every student regularly on a daily basis so they don’t have to waste searching it in different places.

Rank 7. Resonance IIT JEE coaching 

Resonance coaching academy ranks seventh in the top IIT JEE coaching academy in Kota, it offers the candidates the simplest yet most understanding in-depth study material which is developed by the foremost wanted faculty. Resonance coaching academy’s foremost objective is to provide coaching for all courses alongside JEE, NEET, CET SSC, and HSC and thus has helped many young minds to figure out on their own their skills and crack the Joint entrance exam in one attempt itself.

Highlights of This Institute –

  • The intelligence test conducted by the institute for testing the full potential of IIT-JEE candidates.
  • Classrooms/integrated programs offered by the institute to prepare the IIT-JEE aspirants much better for the examinations.
  • trained for courses like KVPY, SAT, Olympiads, NTSE, and also other engineering entrance examinations like JEE Main/BIT-SAT/VITEEE/CET (Karnataka)/CET (G.G.S.I.P.U. College)/BVP (Pune)/EAMCET (Andhra Pradesh)/KEAM (Kerala)/UPSEE/CG PET (Chhattisgarh)/RPET (Rajasthan)/BCECE (Bihar)/WBJEE (West Bengal)/AMUEEE/J&K CET/JCECE (Jharkhand).

Salient Features –

  • Institute offers online test series which are of the simplest quality that basically enables the IIT-JEE aspirants to review thoroughly for the actual examinations.
  • The research and development group of the institute lays major emphasis on the fact that the course structure should be up to date and always refreshed.
  • Faculties of the institute hold doubt sessions for the IIT-JEE aspirants.
  • Performance tests are conducted regularly to keep students in practice.

Rank No. 8 Rao IIT Academy  

Rao IIT Academy was founded by the very famous Dr. B. V. Rao, It is another one of the best coaching institutes for IIT JEE coaching that aims at carving the career of various young minds in such a way that for almost two full decades they have been prospering in their student reviews, ratings and results for not only IIT JEE examinations but other engineering courses as well. RAO IIT Academy works with the core moral value pillars of commitment, excellence, perfection, and innovation that form the main four wings of the logo of the institute envisioning to display the excellent teaching abilities and make IIT JEE aspirants experience such an interesting curriculum that is to their full interest. Preparing for IIT JEE Examinations, Rao IIT Academy should be one of the best options amongst the aspirants to choose from.

Highlights of This Institute 

  • The institute believes in the quality and care as well as the innovation of students for accomplishing it, alongside efficient and effective course learning and planning for the IIT-JEE young aspirants.
  • The digital and Latest technologies imbibed in their beautiful teaching methodologies and pedagogies for the IIT JEE aspirants ensure the focused preparation plan of young minds.
  • Boards +JEE Mains +JEE Advanced, Boards + JEE Mains and Boards + Medical UG alongside with Pre Foundation Courses nothing is left uncovered in the curriculum and syllabus preparation plan of the institute year.

Salient Features –

  • Infrastructural facilities with the very rich ambiance and environment which is offered by the institute because they believe that a competitive, healthy environment is very necessary to complement the teaching so that the aspirants can accomplish their goals without getting distracted.
  • Faculties are highly experienced well versed competent and majorly inclined with a dedication to making the success of IIT JEE aspirants promoting utmost excellence in the students learning and understanding.
  • The institute’s Vision says the following – You Aspire. We inspire. “Our mission is to make your Mission possible”.

Rank No. 9 – Narayana IIT Academy For IIT JEE 

The Narayana IIT Academy Institute has a very very calm approach towards studies in a competitive yet healthy manner. The institute had started its journey by tutoring and mentoring students preparing for national-level tough competitive examinations like JEE(Main and Advanced), NEET, BITSAT, Olympiad, and NTSE, thus the institute strongly believes that each and every aspirant has the ability to succeed; rather it’s just a matter of proper guidance and mentorship with hard work and sincerity.

The institute provides students with an exercise sheet on alternate days to practice questions whilst mentoring and checking their knowledge. With doubt clarification sessions available after the completion of these daily sessions, every student’s doubts are cleared because no question is small and should be solved before moving on to the next session.

Highlights of Narayana IIT Academy : 

  • After the accomplishment of every topic, the institute conducts both minor and major tests that assess the performance of students on a constant basis.
  • Every week there is a higher level of time taking tactful unsolved problems to deal with new questions with the sole purpose of getting subjective knowledge of the related topic.
  • The institute provides many various courses like the JEE(Main and Advanced), NEET, a Two-year classroom program, a One-year classroom program, Repeater Victory Program.

Features of The Narayana IIT Academy

  • By providing interactive classes, the institute has helped students in understanding and grasping all the knowledge.
  • Institute provides students with many many enriched solved examples with explanations.
  • Providing students with vast exhaustive question banks for more and more practice and various doubt clearance classes.

Rank No. 10 – FIITJEE Institute

FIITJEE has come a very very long way along with its unique innovations in the field of preparing young minds for JEE Main and JEE Advanced and other competitive/scholastic exams it has been proving itself to be very helpful. Since its initial years, in the year 1992, the institute worked on its core moral value system that revolves around pure truth, transparency, and commitment. When Mr. D.K. Goel started FIITJEE in 1992 he provided students with quality education alongside all-around growth and has been doing this ever since. The success of students was so inspiring that the faith in FIITJEE increased with a visible improvement. With the boost in academics and in performance of the students the institute ventured into arenas beyond IIT-JEE and embarked itself on a mission to provide a wholehearted wholesome school education to its students through various integrated school programs like SUPREME and PINNACLE.

Highlights of FIITJEE :

  • limited batch size of 30-35 students, helps in providing the students with unmatched attention.
  • Weekly tests on basis of Advanced, Mains, EAMCET, and IPE patterns regularly basis.
  • very comprehensive study materials
  • personalized coaching
  • IQ tests, test analysis sessions made available to all students to check up on them regularly
  • Faculty members with a strong will, diligence, and determination to help each and every student in any possible way to reach their goals and objectives.

Important Features of FIITJEE :

  • The institute provides students with all possible JEE Advanced and JEE Main solutions.
  • NTSE Question papers and solutions are made available to students for more and more practice.
  • Weekly doubt clearing sessions are held for students so that no question is stuck in mind on the day of the exam.
  • Question papers and solutions of KVPY, JSTSE, and Olympiad made available to aspirants.

Frequently Asked Questions : 

Q.1 Is the syllabus for JEE Main paper 1 and paper 2 one and the same?

Ans. The JEE Main syllabus for paper 1 is completely different from paper 2 as Paper 1 will consist of topics from maths, physics, and chemistry whereas paper 2 will consist of maths, aptitude, and drawing tests.

Q.2 What are the topics that are in the JEE Mains syllabus but are not in the JEE Advanced syllabus?

Ans. There are very very few sections of JEE Main that are not included in the JEE 2021 advanced syllabus such as Environmental Chemistry, Semiconductor, Communication System, Mathematical Reasoning, etc.

Q.3 In How many languages is IIT-JEE conducted?

Ans. IIT-JEE examination is conducted in 3 languages that are Hindi, English, and Gujarati.

Q.4 What Types of Training Programs are offered by IIT-JEE Coaching Institutes in Kota?

Ans. Many IIT-JEE coaching institutes in Kota offer multiple programs like one-year classroom programs, two-year classroom programs, foundation programs, pre-foundation programs, and many more. The candidate can choose a program according to their needs and demands.

Q.5 How to crack the Joint Entrance Examination?

Ans. IIT-JEE examination is considered one of the toughest competitive entrance examinations in the country therefore Students start preparing for this examination from their teens early only. With the correct right mindset, any student can crack this examination but obviously, this examination takes rigorous practice and a focused mind.




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