best Faculty for upsc public administration optional



Best Faculty for UPSC Public Administration 0ptional

Right guidance is the key factor in the overall development and helps in cracking any entrance examination. In this article, we have listed the top faculty members in the UPSC field to provide the best coaching to the IAS aspirants to score in optional subjects

UPSC examination

The civil service examination is one of the three main pillars of the Indian government. IPS and IFS are the other two examinations. IAS is one of the prestigious examinations and consists of three main rounds- mains, prelims, and interviews.

The UPSC examination consists of 9 papers(paper 1 and paper 2). Public administration is one of the optional subjects from the list of 48 optional subjects.

About Public administration

The paper is 250 marks out of 500 marks. The subject is quite scoring as an optional subject if well prepared and studying the right syllabus.

Choosing the right faculty members for thorough guidance can help you to score the best marks and crack the civil service examination in one go. Some of the best coaching faculty members are listed here.

List Of  Public Administration Optional Best Teacher

  • Mk Mohanty Public Administration

Mk Mohanty is one of the well-acknowledged faculty members for UPSC optional; subject preparation. Sir has provided the best coaching to more than 8000+ students. He is originally from Orissa, Bhubaneshwar with the rank of 9/CSE 16 and cleared Indian revenue service (customs and central excise). Previously he was selected as Dy Collector in Odisha State PSC exams and secured 6th rank.

Sir provides online coaching to IAS aspirants for all, most 2-3 hours every day. The thorough and clear sessions help the candidates to score and understand the concepts clearly. Sir also provides comprehensive study material along with snippets and digitized study material. The answer writing practice is also provided to the candidates with all subject preparation and best course programs.

  • Pavan Sir Public Administration

Pavan sir is renowned coaching faculty for public administration. Sir has produced many toppers and is an expert in providing top coaching amenities to IAS aspirants. The civil service examination requires consistent preparation and Pavan sir’s online coaching programs for optional subject preparation and best with years of experience.

He also provides training to candidates after sessions and guides them with smart tips and tricks. The basics of any subject will help the candidate to understand the concepts clearly.

Pavan sir develops the foundation and many candidates reviewed their best results and owe their success to Pavan Sir.

  • Salamuddin Ansari

Salamuddin Ansari is a Public Administration expert and is providing the best coaching service to IAS aspirants in the past few years. Sir has almost 9 years of teaching experience with deep domain knowledge of the subject. He is also the founder of Lukmaan IAS.

Under the strong leadership of Ansari Sir, the aspirants are taught to develop the writing skills with best practice and to crack the examinations under the right guidance. His hold on General Studies is unmatched.

With excellent track records and consistent past results. sir has provided top coaching to every candidate and is also well versed with political and ethical knowledge of every subject.

  • Mr. Gautam Kumar

Mr. Gautam Kumar is one of the best coaching experts for explaining the subject with the best experience. His Public Administration classes are totally focused on full case studies and easy explanations. The classroom programs provided by Gautam sir are of clear perception with an easy approach and comprehensive study material.

The development of answer writing skills is very important and with the help of Gautam si the candidates are provided with the best assistance and experience of more than 7 years in the educational field.

The candidates can easily contact or approach to sir for queries or doubt solving sessions as well.

  • Prince Sir

Prince sir has experience in IAS coaching for 6+ years. With excellent coaching programs and the right guidance, the candidates are provided with the best educational programs. Regular sessions and digitized study material provided by Prince sir have produced excellent records with the best track records.

Sir also provides top coaching sessions with weekend sessions and doubt-solving programs. With vast experience in IAS subjects, sir has top coaching facilities with daily lectures and top systems.

In a short span of time, sir has developed many candidates and helped them to develop confidence and crack the optional subject.



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