Basic Economy



Basic Economy

This course is made for you, so that you can maintain your balance and enhance your capability a little with great tips, means to say while watching this video lecture you can easily build your basic more strong with the unbeatable knowledge of Economy. Its main purpose to cover all these topics which are:-

National Income,

1.GDP- Gross Domestic Product

2.GNP- Gross National Product

Monetary policies,


  • RePO rates – Re-Purchase Option


  • Reverse RePO Rate
  • (MSF) Marginal standing facilities
  • Bank Rate
  • CRR
  • SLR
  • CRAR

Fiscal policies,


BOP- which stands for Balance of payments and many more,

1.Current account deficit (CAD)

But these are not enough topics for covering and if you think that one book can help you to crack this wall then you are wrong, Economy is not that much easy how it seems.

Reading all books and mark down all important points it’s really hard and revision always become the devil part.

That’s why for your excellent learning with the excellent techniques video lectures are here.

Video lectures are the perfect getaway for you and for your UPSC preparation without wasting your time traveling, you don’t have to stake your money in the race of best coaching.

Video classes are the easy way to learn something with extraordinary way, they got more than one solution for you and all this away from your one touch.

Even you get this digital classes from the best and certified teachers who can easily elaborate you difficult question’s answer in a very easy form.

Video lectures also gives an aspirant a personal pace for learning.

The most effective thing about this video recorded lecture is, you don’t miss anything, if you don’t understand any point, only you have to do is press the stop option and then restart the lecture from its beginning or from that point where you missed it.

This online world is here for you with the new and Hytech techniques, so don’t miss it come & explore it for your competitive exam war.   

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