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Importance of NCERT

  • Why NCERT’s books are important for UPSC?

NCERT books can be considered as the first step out of many to conquer this challenging examination.

These books are so well articulated and unbiased that you may take its information as a complete truth and make factual notes out of it especially for the Basic Economy.

Being the most basic books and written in very simple language, lucid and neutral perspective makes NCERTs as the base for the entire preparation. One will get most of their basic covered for the basic economy from these books. Secondly, mains answer writing language should be similar to the writing style of these books which make them fundamental element while preparing for the Mains examination.

  • What is the importance of NCERT Books?

Every year at least 35-40 prelims questions are directly asked from the NCERTs.

  • What are the advantages of NCERT Videos?

The UPSC civil services exams require you to study a lot of topics. Videos make concepts more interesting and can cultivate interest in the viewer. Also, some topics can be learned more effectively by watching.

Program Description

  • For the basic economy subject, NCERTs are the primary source for both Prelims & Mains. To make the process of learning simpler and coherent, we are offering basic economy Video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What are the advantages, specifically for basic economy Subject?

Treat them as the scripture for the basic economy section of the prelims and the mains.

  • Why do the students need to read the NCERT books or watch NCERT Videos in the order that is mentioned in the program description?

In the basic economy, the chapters that deal with the same topics are put together. So, if the student read/watch them according to this order, one entire concept gets completed. It brings in clarity & coherence on the topic.


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