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Ancient India History Handwritten Class Notes Drishti दृष्टि IAS latest topics for best civil services exam preparation are listed below :

Ancient India (Pre-historic to AD 700)

Paleolithic Period (2 million BC – 10,000 BC)

Mesolithic Period (10,000 BC – 8,000 BC)

Neolithic Period (8000 BC – 4,000 BC)

  • Agriculture Started
  • Wheel discovered
  • Inamgaon = An early village
  • Important Neolithic Sites :
  • Burzahom(Kashmir),
  • Gufkral(Kashmir),
  • Mehrgarh(Pakistan),
  • Chirand(Bihar),
  • Daojali Hading(Tripura/Assam),
  • Koldihwa(UP),
  • Mahagara(UP),
  • Hallur(AP),
  • Paiyampalli(AP),
  • Maski,
  • Kodekal,
  • Sangana Kaller,
  • Utnur,
  • Takkala Kota.

Chalcolithic Period (4000 BC – 1,500 BC)

Iron Age (BC 1500 – BC 200)

  • Vedic Period (Arrival of Aryans ie. BC 1600 – BC 600) – Nearly 1000 years (Basic books of Hinduism, ie Vedas were composed, might have written down later.)
  • Magadha empire – Bimbisara of Haryanka Kula
  • Mahajanapadas – Major Civilization after Indus Valley- On banks of river Ganga
  • Jainism and Buddhism

Mauryan Empire (321-185 BC)

Post Mauryan Kingdoms (Middle Kingdoms):

  • Sunga (181-71 BC),
  • Kanva (71-27BC),
  • Satavahanas (235-100BC),
  • Indo-Greeks,
  • Parthians (19-45AD),
  • Sakas (90BC-150AD),
  • Kushanas(78AD)

Gupta Kingdom (300AD – 800AD) : Classical Period

Post Guptas or Contemporary Guptas

Medieval India (AD 700 – AD 1857)

  • Attack of Muhammed Bin Kassim (AD 712)
  • AD: 800-1200: Tri partite struggle – Prathiharas, Palas and Rashtrakutas
  • Rise of Islam and Sufism
  • Mohammed Ghazni (AD 1000-27)

Delhi Sultanate (1206 AD – 1526 AD)

  • Sayyid Dynasty
  • Kilji Dynasty
  • Slave Dynasty
  • Lodi Dyanasty
  • Tuglaq Dynasty

Mughals (AD 1526 – AD 1857)

Modern India (AD 1857 +)

  • First War of Indian Independence (1857)
  • Formation of Indian National Congress (1885)
  • Formation of Muslim League (1906)
  • Non Co-operation Movement (1920)
  • Civil Disobedience Movement (1930)
  • Quit India Movement (1942)
  • Partition of India (1947)
  • Constitutional Development of India (1946 – 1950)

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