ANTHROPOLOGY Optional Notes Muniratnam Reddy Sir

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ANTHROPOLOGY Optional Notes Muniratnam Reddy Sir notes topics are given below..

Paper 1

  1. Physical anthropology –
  • Prehistory-evolution of man,
  • Genetics and diseases,
  • Biological concepts of man,

Social anthropology (sociology related)

  • family,marriage,religion,kinship etc
  • Theories
  • Misc – demography,research methodology etc

Main roots of Anthropology

  1. Linguistic Anthropology.
  2. Social- cultural Anthropology.
  3. Biological Anthropology.
  4. Archaeological Anthropology

Character-statics,Phylogenetic and Geographical

  • Homo erect us: Africa (Paranthropus), Europe (Homo erect us heidelber gensis), Asia (Homo erect us javanicus, Homo erect us pekineses).
  • Homo sapiens — Cromagnon, Garibaldi and Chancelede
  • Neanderthal Man– La-Chapelle-aux-saints (Classical type), Mt. Carmel (Progressive type).
  • Rhodesian man.
  • Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Life Sciences, Medical Sciences, Earth Sciences and Humanities.

Paper 2

  • Indian tribes and their problems
  • Indian social system
  • Prehistory in India

2 .Palaeo

3.Human Evolution and emergence of Man:

4.Role Of Anthropology

5.Prehistoric (Indus Civilization)

6.Impact Of Different Society 

  • Islam
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism


Problem Of Community

  • Low Educational Facilities
  • .Low Illiteracy
  • Poverty

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