Rahul IAS notes for Judiciary English printed Download version 2023


The Specific Relief Act, 1963,The Limitation Act (Act 26 of 1963),Code of Civil procedure,Indian Penal Code,Indian Contract Act,Law of TORT,The Registration Act,Indian Evidence Act,Constitutional Law,Jurisprudence,Transfer of Property Act,Partnership Act,Arbitration and conciliation act, 1996,Family Law,Sale of Goods,Legal Glossary,Negotiable Instrument,English Art


Rahul IAS notes for Judiciary English printed Download version 2023

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Rahul IAS Class Notes IAS PCS and JUDICIAL services do guarantee to instruct to the most ideal and to satisfy every one of our responsibilities made to you at the season of affirmation.

That may give off an impression of being hard to some of you; however, that is the essence of the exams. We need to live by it. The points which are the most troublesome and the most essential will be instructed the most thorough and definite.

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The less demanding and less vital points will be instructed less itemized and just as much as is required for the exams. In each subject, on some nonvital points, some weight will be put on the understudies to set themselves up. That would constitute barely 5 percent of the syllabus for that subject.

*This is one of the best Class notes of IAS, PCS and Judicial Services which is photocopy notes of Printed Material and Handwritten class notes.

LAW  Printed Notes by Rahul’s IAS for IAS, PCS & JUDICIAL services contained 18-Booklets and they are following…

  1. The Specific Relief Act, 1963
  2. The Limitation Act (Act 26 of 1963)
  3. Code of Civil procedure
  4. Indian Penal Code
  5. Indian Contract Act
  6. Law of TORT
  7. The Registration Act
  8. Indian Evidence Act
  9. Constitutional Law
  10. Jurisprudence
  11. Transfer of Property Act
  12. Partnership Act
  13. Arbitration and conciliation act, 1996
  14. Family Law
  15. Sale of Goods
  16. Legal Glossary
  17. Negotiable Instrument
  18. English Art

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Total Number Of Pages  –  1935

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