Indian Art And Culture Notes By Nitin Singhania IAS downloaded version




Indian Art And Culture Notes By Nitin Singhania IAS art and culture notes best for Civil services (Preliminary and Mains) notes gives you best overview about arts and cultural.

Positive Points of Indian Art And Culture Notes By Nitin Singhania IAS 

1.Nitin Singhania IAS Art and Culture Notes provides you wide ranged Knowledge about based on Indian Architecture,Indian Painting,Indian Sculpture,Indian Pottery with help of neat and beautiful diagram and pictures.

2.Nitin Singhania IAS already cracked the IAS examination with good marks his notes also best for Civil services exam

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4.Notes covers full content with brief explanation for best exam preparation.

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Indian Art And Culture Notes By Nitin Singhania IAS

divided into three parts

Ancient ,Medieval and Modern ,Pre-Modern Indian Art and Culture 

Visual Arts 

  • Indian Architecture
  • Indian Painting
  • Indian Sculpture
  • Indian Pottery

 Performing Arts 

  • Indian Music
  • Dance Forms
  • Indian Arts
  • Indian Theater
  • Indian Puppetry
  • Indian Circus

Miscellaneous Art and Culture Topics 

  • Indian Cinema
  • Religion in Indian
  • Languages in India
  • Indian Literature
  • School in Philosophy
  • Indian Handicraft
  • Fare and Festival
  • Cultural Aspects Related to Medicine and Math Astronomy
  • Awards
  • Issue of Stolen Arts and Artifacts
  • Cultural Institutions

Total Number Of Pages –  253

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